Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hidden Agenda

Does the Treasury Minister have a hidden agenda behind the public outcry he is causing as he slowly releases details of the Business Cuts? Is he deliberately targeting vulnerable groups to create as much public opposition as possible ? Then he will u-turn round & say that if we won't do what he wants,then he has no option but to increase GST.

Whatever the plan,we must watch very carefully. Now is the time for all good men(and women) to come to the aid of the Party!!


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  1. How about a vote of no confidence in Terry Le Sueur?

    We have just found out after a meeting (behind closed doors) nobody is to be held accountable for the Fiasco of hedging (or not) the euro in the paying for that bloody incinerator. And as if that wasn't bad enough the chief Minister's office has said "the matter is closed"

    The same was said when the then Minister for health encouraged another to commit suicide.

    In your last post you tried to imply we live in a Democracy. So if this is the case, could you explain how somebody, who's wages are paid for by the tax payer, can cost us millions of pounds due to complete incompedence and still keep their job? and how, in a Democratic society can the Chief Minister say "the matter is closed"? Shouldn't that be a decision for the tax payer?

    Furthermore TLS was the Treasury Minister at the time, the buck stops at his door! never mind trying to hang Ian Black out to dry TLS is responsible for his actions.

    The "investigation" done by Ben Shenton is yet another waste of vast amounts of tax payers money. Fack me it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to discover the culpability lays with TLS. And what is going to be the outcome of that several months long and vast amounts of tax payers money investigation? Sweet Fanny Adams. "The Matter is closed".

    You really couldn't make this sh1t up! If Angela Juene and her sidekick Anne Dupre can throw together a vote of no confidence against Mike Higgins FOR DOING HIS JOB then surely one of you guys, or Gals could put together a vote of no confidence in TLS for NOT DOING HIS!


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