Monday, August 3, 2009

A Grim Fairy Story

A group of unemployed friends,a donkey,dog,cat and rooster decided to travel together in search of work. As darkness fell,they noticed lights beyond the trees and decided to seek shelter for the night.

Looking through the nearest window, they were able to see a gang of good-for-nothings feasting and counting lots of money. The alliance decided to make as much noise as possible to frighten the gang out of the house. So,the rooster flew onto the roof next to a stone owl and the others hid next to doors and windows.

Their plan was successful as the gang ran for safety under the trees. For ever after they told the tale of the demons who had invaded their house shouting " Waterfront", " Child Abuse", "Business Plan" and,worst of all, " Come to Look at Your Books! "


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