Friday, August 7, 2009

Black Hole in the Treasury

States Treasurer,Ian Black, has not been sacked or even suspended following a secret disciplinary hearing over the incinerator fiasco. By failing to fix the exchange rate for the new incinerator contract, he has probably cost the Island millions of pounds.

The Chief Minister's department refuses to comment on disciplinary matters involving his staff but did say : " ..we have a contractual obligation of duty of care to our employees."

Excuse me,what about your duty of care to the electorate who were promised transparent and honest government? What about your duty of care to the taxpayers whose money has been lost and who are still expected to pay the final bill?



  1. So you don't think a vote of no conficence in TLS is a good idea?

  2. I don't know why people are kicking up such a fuss about a lousy £3 million. They're firing at the wrong targets. By listening to De Faye and Richardson and their "consultants" the majority of States Members cost us all approximately £50-55 million by agreeing to the wrong technology that will probably be redundant within ten years, at which point the taxpayer will have to fork out again for some decent technology instead (if the electorate haven't stopped their profligate waste generating habits by then and started to live sustainably!

    Technically, TTS shouldn't even be calling the incinerator a Waste from Energy plant - because it's simply not efficient enough to be called that under EU rules - it should correctly be called a disposal plant instead.

    Harry McRandle still constantly refers to it as a Waste from Energy plant so one day I had had enough at this misrepresentation and I informed him of this (via Tracey Vallois' facebook page). He had the nerve to suggest I was "obsessed" but nowhere in his reply was there a hint of an apology or a promise to get it right in future. And to think he used to be (just about) a campaigning investigative journalist!...

  3. A confidence vote at this point would be a waste of time: Terry le Sueur clearly enjoys the confidence of around two-thirds of the States, however misguided that may be.

  4. Mea Culpa

    I should have said "Energy from Waste plant" and not "Waste from Energy plant"


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