Monday, July 27, 2009

A Modern Fairy Tale.

Cinderella desparately wanted to go to the Jersey Live Aid concert but her income support payment did not stretch to a new outfit plus travel expenses. Her stepmother refused to help as she said she had given all her spare cash to the two Ugly Ministers.

As a last resort, Cinders e-mailed her Fairy Social Worker to see if she could get a special payment in time for the event. Fairy Social Worker said they'd be lucky to get a reply before Christmas ,she added that concessionary bus passes had been abolished so there was no help to be had there. However, she could use some old fashioned magic to turn a pumpkin into a coach but warned Cinderella that she would have to return home before midnight as the driver would be working to rule in support of the public workers' pay freeze dispute......

Anybody want to finish the story ?


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