Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ministry of Misinformation

Down at the ministry of misinformation,otherwise known as
the Social Security department ,a notice has appeared inviting people receiving Income Support to make an appointment to chat to the Minister and his team. Perhaps after Geoff's scathing report they are going to offer free courses in Gobblygook so we can all make sense of their claim forms.

For example,someone applying for a special payment towards the cost of a washing machine had their claim rejected because they " had not been awarded the personal care component of the impairment award." Has anybody heard of this? Has this been advertised for all to see?

Said claimant is still wading through pages of irrelevant gobbledygook and may have to resort to washing clothes on La Mare slip. No doubt it will be a crime to wash dirty linen in public....just a minute,the Council of Ministers do that every day .Perhaps they can be arrested for polluting the environment!


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  1. I know it's off thread but I must conratulate Deputy Trevor Pitman for his very valid request for Deputy Angela Jeune to resign. She's one of those people who could never get sacked, because nobody knows what she does!!

    The motion of no confidence in TLS should be tabled forthwith, let's be honest about it, we wouldn't be losing a Chief Minister, we'd just be cutting out the middle man!!


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