Friday, December 31, 2010

Facing It!

Facing what? that this blog is to all practical intents and purposes defunct, that's what.

None of the numerous people whom I invited to keep or start contributing, when we hived this off from the JDA have submitted anything since, and I already have a personal blog I sporadically use anyway for my own articles.

I am not going to delete this one, and, with 2011 being an election year, I might start getting some submissions yet. However, I cannot see where any new material would come from at present, so I am leaving it up merely as an archive of the live stuff there was in the past.

Thank you for having been readers, and for commenting, if you did.


David Rotherham


  1. Let's be honest about it - as TT used to say - our politicians are a shower.

    How many of them really want to engage with the voting public on issues or to take on board the views of others?

    They mostly just want to pursue their pet hobby-horses and will not change any course that does not lead to a comfy re-election.

    Just look at the blog sites and count the few comments from any of them. They hide away in fear of expressing support for others outside of their own limited zones.

    Too many do just as little work as they can get away with. How often do we hear them moaning at having to return to the States for another day's session - that is supposed to be why they get elected in the first place! Yet they treat such basic political work as a burden.

    There is even one elected member who apparently refuses to do any States work at all during States vacations - the Chairman's Committee of Scrutiny has discussed the matter but can do nothing about it.

    Shall this member's colleagues have the courage to discuss this matter in public? Shall the member tell the electorate of this extraordinary personal policy?

    Every States member should have their own blogsite so that the electorate can challenge them in public on any issue - how many will stand on that policy in the 2011 elections?

  2. You can also use it for any letters you put in the JEP as they have an annoying habit of keeping some stuff offline.

  3. Thank you Dave. I'm interested in Jersey politics, democracy and representation. I may submit some thoughts on these one day next year. In the meantime, I wish you, the JDA and the JDA split a happy New Year.

    PS- some thoughts for now....I still think GS /JDA were wrong to stand against Syvret. It fractured Jersey's left of centre political arena, a very grave mistake. The daft thing is that instead of fracturing, you could have been consolidating. Recent events could have sunk the gvt. if the left had played an active part. You don't need 51% representation to create a critcal mass to topple the establishment. Whether we are talking political reform, child abuse, justice or teh jersey way, the evidence has always been on your side, while only denial lay on theirs. Where was the pressure, the scrutiny, the organization to bring on board the general public?
    Hopefully something good will follow to fill this void. Something that strikes accord with many ordinary people. Hopefully it will bring with it, better democracy and representation in Jersey politics, openness and accountability, justice and shed the fear. Somehow I doubt this will happen with Ted and Geoff but good luck to them all the same.

  4. Happy New Year David and best wishes to you and your family.

    You have tried your best and from the look of it been let down and people wonder why things don't change.

  5. You should never of turned your back on Ted Vibert and Geoff Southern David.

  6. Anonymous #3:

    Why not? They were repositioning the JDA to pursue policies I do not honestly support. I haven't got such an empty life that I am going to fight against what I believe, for the sake of something to do.

  7. Dave,

    You have been “repositioned” into a void of inactivity and irrelevance. This is a shame. Manning a lone blog in the blogosphere, like a lost starship drifting, will mean a wait of millennia before rescue. For politics to mean anything it is about commitment and engagement. It is also, for the Left, about democracy and democratic behaviour. The membership of the JDA were never consulted about the split. It was a split in a sect, based on personalities not ideology.

    Perhaps its time for a little bit of Maoist “self criticism”, to admit what in your conduct has been a fault and should be corrected for the sake of the collective.

  8. Anonymous#4:

    Most of your your first paragraph is spot on, unfortunately. However, you are wrong to think that the split was all about personalities. There were some personal tensions for some people, but my heart was not in going where Geoff and Ted were heading politically. As a private sector manual worker, I have seen three years of rising tax on falling income. Focussing on trying to run the public sector for the benefit of its employees may appeal to the beneficiaries, but it is worse than useless to the rest of us.

  9. Between you , St Ouennais and Tony the prof there is enough brains, good sense and political perception to do something good for this island. It needs you three to get out beyond the blogosphere and engage with a lot more people.


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