Tuesday, November 23, 2010

JRA Apology

Thank you to those who came to The Peirson tonight. We owe you all our apology for not considering that Deputy Power might be taken too ill to even cancel, and so not checking he was still coming 24 hours previously. We hope you enjoyed your social drink sufficiently to be a reasonable compensation for our failure to deliver the promised event.
David Rotherham


  1. Deputy Sean Power, must be critically ill, if he was unable to even ask someone to let you know he would not be able to attend.

    Lets all hope he gets well soon. Perhaps the JRA can send him a big bunch of flowers, and arrange another meeting as soon as he is well!!!

  2. you would have thought sean power would have leaked you an email to explain his absence

  3. Why do you apologise for not checking if he was still coming? If a person is unwell they have a responsibility to clear their diary and inform people of the situation.

    Are our ministers not required to offer the same common courtesy's as thy rest of us?

  4. Deputy Power has been a very busy boy of late and more likely than not we will be reading all about what he has been up to on the blogs.

  5. Is there free booze at these events? Could have done with a pint yesterday as well!

  6. I don't know why you are apologizing to Sean Power he is NOT interested in people just what he can do for himself do you really believe that he could not ask family or friends to phone you

  7. You would have thought he would have been ready to BREAK-DOWN the door to inform you he couldn't attend.

  8. He was ill in the voting lists in the States as well. As we don't know what his illness was, the carping comments are a little premature. I've had bad gastric bugs and food poisoning in the past, and the last thing on my mind is using the telephone; you just want the pain, vomit, diarrhea to come to an end, and maybe to sleep. Clear rational thought is something you do when you are recovering.

  9. I now know more than is polite to gossip about the Deputy's illness, and where it forced him to remain. He certainly could not have come.

  10. Not a word here about solving Jersey's housing problems.
    Says something about the level of discussion and comment on the blogs. Just the usual feeble, personal sniping.
    Are we really so politically illiterate?

  11. I'm wondering whether his illness! is connected with what Stuart Syvret stated in his blog yesterday:

    'Sean Power - a textbook example of a silver-tongued political confidence-trickster - all Mr. Blarney & charm - could never be described as a good politician.

    But -you ask "where's the proof?"

    Why - in the hands of the Attorney General and the Data protection Commissioner, of course.'


    Stuart's comments followed those of The Spin Machine, who said:

    Does he know why Deputy Power is not in the states and has not been for sometime.?

    Does he know that Deputy Power has allegedly broken Data Protection Laws?

    Does he knows that this also involves the Murder Farce Blog?

    Does he know that the Council of Ministers Have A Very tricky situation on there hands?


    I guess something must be up!!!

  12. Tony As we don't know what his illness was, the carping comments are a little premature

    Wrong again

  13. Is Deputy Power ill or out of the island? Trevor got loads of flak for saying Stuart was ill when he was out of the island. Could this be double standards??

  14. "" - Does he knows that this also involves the Murder Farce Blog? -""

    Its the first we have heard about it.

    Gazza :-x

  15. Lol.

    Well I take it from the unproven accusations you have allowed to be posted on here the Housing Minister will not be in such a hurry to speak to the JRA again!

  16. I don't quite see where there are unproven accusations. There are one or two uncharitable opinions, and some pointed questions quoted from a much more widely read blog, and that is all.


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