Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The JDA still have 4 members in the States committed to the cause of progressive change. Committed to standing on a manifesto which insists on protecting public services and the introduction of fairer more progressive taxation, government reform and sustainable population limits.

Many will present the result of the election as a defeat for the JDA. The reality is that I am a sitting deputy who is delivering effective opposition to the Council of Ministers and therefore lots of voters thought that there was no advantage in voting for me. Many people, on leaving the polling stations, said that they agreed with my policy but I was already in there.

The fact is that all other candidates were trying to align themselves behind the critical vision of the current Council of Ministers that the JDA, with me in the forefront, has proposed. The agenda of this election was not that of Stuart Syvret’s vision of corruption, but one in which we have to tackle the economic realities of the recession. I hope that the successful candidate, Francis Le Gresley, will help to deliver what he has promised. This includes reform of Income Support, moves towards progressive taxation, which has long been advocated by the JDA. I look forward to his support on the many issues which I have led in the States, and will continue to bring to our assembly.

I said on the hustings that I would deliver. I expect Francis to honour his promises in the same way. States members have to have a strong backbone. I will expect strong support from Francis on the social and economic policies that I will continue to present to the States.

Well done Francis. To the victor the spoils.

I thank all JDA members and fellow travellers for their efforts in this campaign. Keep the faith. The fight goes on.

Geoff Southern


  1. No damage done? Hardly. You have certainly lost the support of this household.

  2. Geoff
    Amazing piece of rationalisation!
    Do you ever listen to people ?

  3. Are you nuts? Syvret has done massive damage to Geoff and these results were dia.

  4. "No damage done".

    I believe you'll find with future elections you have damaged the party by standing in this election. That much seems clear if we judge by comments already left on this blog and elsewhere online over the past few days.

    As a direct result of your actions I certainly have very little respect for either you or the JDA right now, and the smugness of your latest post has done very little to remedy that.

    The JDA needs to be rid of both you and Ted Vibert, because you are clearly blind to the damage the pair of you have done to the party over recent weeks.

  5. There is damage.
    The JDA has come out of this badly.

    I have always voted for Geoff Southern in the past.
    Not this time, I voted Syvret and partly because of the JDA atacks on him.

    It is also my opinion that the JDA played into Establishment hands, opening up the field for their candidates.
    Well done you now have another vote (Le Gresley)against everything you stand for.

    May I also sugest you tell Vibert to shut up.
    He bottled it and has no right to critisise Syvret who at least tries to do something.

    I doubt you will publish this, but at least it has been red.

  6. No damage done! what planet are you living on.
    This was a crushing defeat for you and not at all helpful for the JDA. You are correct in that the JDA still has 4 members in the chamber but that is only because you didn't have the courage or integrity to resign your position as Deputy before you stood for Senator.

    By standing and Teds actions all you have done is damage the progressive cause in the Island, I just hope the members of the JDA realise before it's to late that yours and Teds ego will ruin any chance they have in the next election.

  7. No damage done! - well you certainly took out an insurance policy beforehand to ensure that by not resigning your seat. Not only that you then took on a liability in Ted Vibert!

    You have lost credibility, respect and support Mr Southern, but by this posting obviously not your ego. If this has not brought you down a peg or two, nothing will.

  8. No damage? So Geoff is back in his job on Tuesday and Stuart is unemployed. Thats the result of your two faced back stabbling campaign against Stuart. Losers all around. Well done the JDA you have done the COM proud.

  9. No damage was done to >you< because you didn't have the balls to resign your Deputy seat before standing for Senator.

    You >have< damaged the JDA.

  10. Anonymous #6:

    Do the maths: Francis le Gresley got 5,798 votes. Syvret, Southern and the small fry got 5,079 between them. Even assuming all votes for other progressives would have been cast for Syvret, which mine would not have been for a start, he would still have come second. And if Ryan and Baudains hadn't split le Gresley's vote, his victory would have been even more crushing

  11. David, it's is not about the vote.
    It is about Southern and Vibert's negative stance towards Syvret. They let personal grievances and egos get in the way of what was truly best in this instance. We have lost a Progressive and gained another Establishment.
    Well done JDA you muppets!

  12. David,

    In my opinion whether or not Le Gresley would still have got in had Southern not stood is neither here nor there.

    For me the problem is one of principle.

    With Southern taking part in this election the "progressive" vote was split, damaging either Syvret or the JDA's share of the votes, or both. Surely he can't have failed to see that would have been the case?

    What was worth such a risk to the "progressive" cause?

    I would like an explanation, because as a Senator he would have gained nothing more than a title containing a couple of extra letters. His level of political power would have remained unchanged.

    So David, what exactly motivated Geoff Southern to run in this election after he'd stated he wouldn't?

  13. Anonymous #8:
    Despite being JDA Deputy Chairman, and a 14 year colleague of Geoff's across various organisations, I, too, only know what he has told the public about why.
    There are two principles at question in your comment, one of which I heartily agree with: I think putting up an existing Deputy was a futile hiding to nothing and an abuse of the electoral process, and wrong in principle; I was so annoyed to be outvoted on that, that I seriously considered resigning.
    The other principle though, of not running against Syvret, I have to disagree with. To let him stand unchallenged would have implied having continuing confidence in his ability to represent the progressive cause. None of the JDA leadership are amongst the 3,437 who still do. Frankly, if Syvret had been the only progressive candidate, I would have put competence and reliability before idealogy, and voted Ryan personally.

  14. Quote.............
    David Rotherham said... None of the JDA leadership are amongst the 3,437 who still do. Frankly, if Syvret had been the only progressive candidate, I would have put competence and reliability before idealogy, and voted Ryan personally.

    The above says it all about the JDA vote for any one even Ryan a goverment stooge, rather then Syvret Southern has done untold damage to the JDA I and all of my familly I have spoken to will never vote JDA again the establishment must have laughed there heads off at Southern and the other weak yes men and woman on the JDA Council who allowed this debacle

  15. Well if you think you havn't done any damage, you
    & that side kick of yours. Didn't know him before
    but do now. You are only kiding yourselves.
    You shouldn't of stood in the first place, the COM are
    laughting at you. I wonder how many bottles were poped
    last night at Ozouf's house, yes you will be back in the States
    next week but the question is now for how long.
    I bet for only 18 months you you will be out. O well Ted can
    stand in your place & may be your Wife will have a go next time
    because you will have no one else in your party.
    You could rename it the GSA Party!

    Trevor Richomme.

  16. Vote for Ryan, how pathetic!

    The JDA are finished.
    Well done Vibert, well done Southern.

  17. Well nice one David, at least you now admit that the JDA did not even think Stuart would win so thats why they thought they would stand against him.

  18. no damage done you donut.i will never vote for you should hang your head in shame

  19. Why are you answering on behalf of Geoff Southern, David? Is he not so full of bluster and hot air now, that he can't respond to the comments on his posting?

    There are other 'questions' that he needs to answer too I think.

  20. Well Geoff you egotistical being (and I'm being polite here) you, to pinch a phrase 'have shafted Jersey locally'.

    The JDA before this stunt had the potential to increase their vote and influence at the next election, but because of Geoff Southern's ego and Ted Vibert's (and where has he been for the last few years?)megalomania, a very credible,intelligent alternative to the establishment has been trashed!!

    If the JDA is really worth voting for it must be greater than those two idiots - dump them and move onward and upward with Trevor at the helm. Please consider this because we need a sensible and safe party to take the island into the future and Southern and Vibert are the greatest risk to this. In the perception of the electorate they cannot be trusted.

  21. So this why his nickname is Geoff 'Stubborn'.

  22. "The other principle though, of not running against Syvret, I have to disagree with. To let him stand unchallenged would have implied having continuing confidence in his ability to represent the progressive cause. None of the JDA leadership are amongst the 3,437 who still do. Frankly, if Syvret had been the only progressive candidate, I would have put competence and reliability before idealogy, and voted Ryan personally. "

    You've overlooked one VERY important point.

    Had Southern not stood in this election Le Gresley would probably still have won (albeit by a greatly reduced minority), which would have worked HUGELY in the favour of the JDA.


    Because at the next election, with no Syvret standing, a large percentage of Syvret's 3000+ voters would probably have made a point of voting JDA as their only viable "anti establishment" option.

    What the JDA have actually achieved with the shortsighted (and some may say egotistical) idea of fielding a candidate in this election (combined with your negativity toward Syvret, especially via Ted Vibert), is to have destroyed that potential future support.

    So whoever you field at that next election will find themselves having immediately lost a potential 3000 votes of extra support, or facing an extra 3000 votes of opposition, whichever way you wish to view it.

    And all because Geoff Southern decided he wanted 18 months as a Senator?

    Not worth it really, was it?

  23. Jersey Despot Alliance
    never again will I vote JDA until Southern goes.

  24. Whatever many claim to think of Francis Le Gresley, and his supposed adoption as the 'establishment' candidate (which quite obviously he wasn't), his manifesto, and previous employment experience, contained significant elements which many would consider to be representative of a 'progressive' mandate. I think certain individuals must face the fact that a large factor in their failure to get elected was voter’s dislike of their personalities, and/ or the way in which their message was delivered, rather than their politics. This may be particularly pertinent in relation to Geoff’s showing, which, lets not beat around the bush, was surprisingly poor.
    The manner in which the ‘progressive’ elements conducted themselves during the run-up to this election was dire, and must have left the electorate wondering how certain individuals could be trusted to behave if they were actually granted any power, given their inability to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner beforehand when they were attempting to win over potential voters.
    What the JDA really need to ask themselves is would Francis Le Gresley have been elected if he had stood as a JDA candidate. If the answer to that question is no, there is a significant review needed of the way in which the party presents itself to the electorate, as his policies were not a million miles from your own.
    It is time to use this result for constructive purposes, and to make changes which will help in the future. It is no accident that Trevor’s stock has risen because of his refusal to get involved in petty arguments.

  25. Look, I don't buy into this rubbish about the JDA effecting Stuart's vote at all and nor does anyone I know who follows politics. Stuart was going to lose this election all by his own efforts and ridiculous behaviour.

    What upsets me is that the JDA - well, Southern and Ted Vibert actually because like most I totally exclude Trevor and Shona Pitman from this - decided to chuck their 4 peneth worth into the ring. Totally unnecessary and plain stupid.

    This has damaged the JDA and the case, which is actually overwhelming, for party politics. I feel Shona and Trevor have been treated very unfairly and I really hope they don't get dragged into or damaged by this because these two don't deserve that. They work their balls off for people.

    I know the JDA have a Chairperson who isn't a politician but if the party is to rebuild after this then we/you really need either Shona or Trevor to take the helm. Geoff works his socks off in the States but he will never have the appeal that someone like Trevor can bring.

    The fact that Stuart, and though everyone seems to be saying it, I really have been a Stuart supporter for many years who has now lost all respect for him, is gone is a good thing for the long term picture of Jersey politics. What would make it even better would be if Geoff now went too!

  26. Anonymous #17:

    Actually, the position that the Pitmans and I couldn't sell to the rest of the Council was that we should have sat the election out altogether, not having anyone with a serious prospect of beating le Gresley waiting in the wings. We did miss that point about alienating 3,000 Syvret fans in our pitch, though. We shall certainly be taking it into account when thinking how to move on, however.

    Anonymous #20:

    At the 2nd AGM, the JDA Constitution was amended so that sitting politicians are ineligible to be Chairperson. Ted and Geoff had found the party work to be an unwelcome impediment to their primary States duties.

  27. IMHO Big Trev and the missus need to ditch the JDA and become independents, or they'll have no chance in the next elections. The JDA is finished.

  28. Ted and Geoff and unwelcome impediments to the JDA.

    Get shot of 'em.

  29. David, you have lost my respect along with Southern & Vibert. How can you say you would vote for Ryan. Massive egos have destroyed the JDA.
    No genuine Stuart supporter will vote JDA after the attacks by Vibert and Southern.
    I voted JDA in town. NEXT YEAR YOU CAN GO JUMP!
    Sorry Trev & Shona that includes you while you are part of this so called progressive party.

  30. If it cost your hard working supporters £8.00 a vote this time, then it will cost £16.00 per vote just to keep the majority of the JDA deputies in place next time.That is of course if Ryan doesn't stand in the St.helier homeground!!!

  31. Anonymous #23:

    I didn't know I had anyone's respect to lose! I thought I was just the dogsbody.
    I can say I would have picked Ryan as the best of the rest, had there been no progressive candidate but Syvret, because I saw him put in a fine performance at Trinity hustings - intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, sensible, well-informed. A bit to the right of what I would really like, but I would trust him to do the job with decency, competence and reliability.

  32. Respect the Pitmans, but never again will vote for Southern, too big an ego.

  33. Quote.........
    Look, I don't buy into this rubbish about the JDA effecting Stuart's vote at all and nor does anyone I know who follows politics. Stuart was going to lose this election all by his own efforts and ridiculous behaviour.

    I don't buy your rubbish either the letters in the JEP from Vibert/Southern attacking Stuart all had a negative effect on Stuart, additionally the funds made available by the Manual workers Trade Union Unite, and the man hours of the JDA for canvassing if the JDA had assisted Stuart we may have kept a progressive in the States instead the JDA betrayed there own and assisted the election of a man who is unlikely to achieve anything at all can you imagine the COM taking any notice of the quiet man a bad joke all round. I am one of the 3,000 plus who will never ever vote JDA again.

  34. David, I'm seeing real anger expressed in some of the comments left here, and in response your attitude seems to be one of disconnected disinterest. It's quite insulting.

    And why is not Geoff Southern the one answering these comments? He made the statement.

    Put me down as another ex-JDA supporter.

  35. Anonymous #26:

    Far from being disconnected disinterest, my problem is conflicted interest: I am part of the JDA team, with obligations to play my part in the pursuit of team objectives. I was also a vehement objector to the idea of putting up a sitting Deputy in the Senatorial by-election. And I have put 5 years of hard work into the JDA, to see it trashed in less than 5 weeks by two of the few who were there even before me. So, I am actually pretty choked by it all, and nodding in agreement with all these harsh comments the public are dumping on us. But, being one of the team who made the decision, although not one who voted in favour, I am bound to share the responsibility, not turn on long time colleagues like a rat in a sack. And Geoff and I go back 14 years. So my own criticism has to be more measured. When I get an hour, I shall be posting an answer to Geoff's article, and Trevor will be writing something too, but for now, the public can do the raging while I just let the odd grumble come forth from my deeply and embarrassingly compromised position.

  36. So what I think you are saying Dave, is... that they (Geoff and Ted) have been foolish. If so, we all agree with you.
    What we need now is to hear from Ted and Shona. We need to know what they make of this.
    Perhaps appologies are in order. It would be healing if Geoff appologised for standing and Ted too, for his foul comments. Only by admitting that grave mistakes have been made can the party move on. Generally speaking, people accept appologies. The problem in Jersey is that appologies are so few and far between in public life as the child abuse cases have shown. Saying sorry may seem difficult but it wont bring any more disastisfaction and it may win back some JDA supporters.

  37. No damage done!

    End of the line, Just a case of how long till the end of the JDA and good riddance.

  38. When I was at a hustings I had the misfortune of sitting next to Ted Vibert. Everytime Stuart spoke, Ted kept on rubbishing everything he said. He was so loud, Rico asked him to be quiet. (thanks Rico). At one point I leant over and said "haven't you read Stuart's blog? Its full of evidence." Ted replied it was rubbish and what would I know. I said I have a degree in politics and my disertation was on Jersey politics. He said in that case I was narrow minded. I said I was disappointed in the JDA's recent actions and that I would not be voting JDA again. Ted replied "we don't want your vote".
    My question- Does the JDA want Ted?

  39. Rod Bryant & others are laughing their heads off & can't wait til next election,proves he did right to stand down & keep out of the flack.
    Another of the 3000

  40. No damage done?

    We cannot change anything now its irreversible.

    David what are you to the JDA now just the messenger?

    Get out whilst you still have some dignity.

  41. I am unhappy with this whole scenario but the comment about 'if the JDA had assisted Syvret' is a very bad joke. Why would anyone from the JDA wish to help someone who had slagged off, back-stabbed and done everything he could over a number of years to undermine the party then wish to help that individual?

    What all of this shows is progressive politics needs a new leader and champion. I just hope the natural successors steps up and says that they will take the job on. Couldn't blame them if they didn't with examples like Geoff and Stuart. What do others think about the future for progressives with the old guard in ruins?

  42. Anonymous said...
    "I was at a customers house yesterday, he had attended a cosy dinner party a few weeks back and was stunned by what he heard.
    One of those attending was a certain Freddie Cohen who guided a newcomer to the rules in Jersey.
    Fat Freddie stated out aloud that the Jersey Ruling Elite Party did not give a rats ass about the poor or middle class in Jersey.
    Their only interest was 'squeezing everyone for every penny' what a nice guy he is.
    It is however, good to know that they are saying it as well as doing it.
    They make me sick."
    Off another blog just wraps it up in one paragraph what this debacle of an election has led to,you get the government you deserve!!
    One of the middle class (I think)

  43. Is Ted Vibert a member of the JDA? If so, after his comments supporting Le Gresley on his blog, he should expelled immediately. He is a disgrace - a turncoat. His true Right wing nature is clearly exposed. Whoever took the decision to let him loose to maul all the other progressives has shown appauling judgement. Why did he never attack the Establishment candidates? Answer, because he was part of them all along.

    So much for party loyalty and discipline! What a farce. Vibert is a hang over from the original JDA of spivs and failed businessmen.

    As for Southern not attacking other candidates on the platform, he left it to Vibert do that on the blogs and elsewhere. Hard guy, soft guy sketch. No credit to Southern for a very transparent team.

    Traitor!, Traitor!

    Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
    les aristocrates à la lanterne!
    Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
    les aristocrates on les pendra!

    Ah! It'll be fine, It'll be fine, It'll be fine
    aristocrats to the lamp posts
    Ah! It'll be fine, It'll be fine, It'll be fine
    the aristocrats, we'll hang them!

  44. While I am not a big fan of Syvret he is more of a man than Southern or especially Vibert ever will be.

    JDA will go the same way as JDM.

    In to the toilet and flushed.

  45. Shona Pitman. Geoff Southern has cost you my vote next time.
    I will not vote establishment so will probably not vote at all!

  46. 'I've seen the needle and the damage done'. Neil Young.

    Too much Ted ... Too much needle!

  47. Dave,

    The 3000 Syvret Supporters

    The problem is not only that ego-tripping has derailed the moderate progress made by the JDA and others - it's that the majority of your Governing Council was blind to the level of support that Stuart Syvret had and has amongst your natural electorate: bigger than your core support in fact. This shows a frightening disconnection between you and your electoral base and a frightening lack of political insight.

    Instead of navel gazing you need to start talking and LISTENING to those people, Then, maybe, you might come to realise that institutionalised child abuse is a class issue: the victims of child abuse are the children of the poor and the disposessed, whilst the perpetrators are drawn from the wealthy and the privileged, who feel that they are above the law.

    And when the rich and powerful of Jersey began to feel threatened they responded viciously - or have you forgotten that you still have a Chief of Police who has been suspended for nearly two years for just trying to do his job honestly? Or the hounding of Syvret?

    No, never mind all that, Stuart Syvret is rude and unpleasant and worst of all, might be trying to start a rival fan club!

    The fact that a political charlatan like Vibert can reappear out of nowhere and derail your project so easily is a sign that there is a deep political vacuum inside your group, which if you are to survive you need to fix - urgently.

  48. more turned up for SS meeting @ town hall than royal square today,does that tell you something GS, you were @ town hall but not Royal square frightened of the response you would have got today!!!SS didn't know what response he was going to get @ Town Hall but he was THERE.

  49. I am a Syvret supporter and wasn't happy with the other progressive candidates standing, but I will say that I am wholly disgusted by his rants since losing the election. The personal insults he is throwing out even at people who don't deserve it like Deputies Trevor and Shona Pitman make me think he needs some help. To call a person with both a Degree and a Master Degree as Shona Pitman has "thick" really says it all. Stuart, you have been great so many times, but even I have to say the record shows you don't even have a GCE in woodwork. Cut all the childish insults and get back to basics.

  50. I have never been a Syvret supporter and never will be on a personal level but I honestly think that this week our voters, i voted syvret, have decided its better to tow the line than speak out. I think honestly that we have voted for a person who will do nothing for 18th months, I hope I am wrong.

  51. I find it hard to believe how Geoff Southern can continue his position - or more accurately, be allowed to continue in his position.

    Sooner or later the establishment will run the allegations (still to be denied I note) that Stuart Syvret has outlined on his blog.

    No doubt they will also try to tarnish his colleagues in the JDA by association by pointing to the alleged unsavoury behaviour of a so-called 'progressive', while also muddying the waters over the child abuse cover up.

    It wouldn't surprise me if sometime soon Southern retired from the States 'to spend more time with his family'.

    However if he were foolish enough to carry on, the question has to be asked why his fellow JDA members tolerate the prominence amongst their ranks of such an obviously compromised individual. Logic dictates that they ditch such a liability asap, if only for their own self preservation.

    Unless, of course, he has similar dirt on them.

  52. I agree with the above poster - sadly, I do think he's lost the plot, somewhat.

  53. I think we have got now to the stage where we all need to take a step back and stop hurling insults and look at the whole picture.

    There is no doubt that Geoff and Ted Vibert's behaviour have shattered and destroyed the image and credibility of the JDA. This is evident by the negative comments on this posting alone. I do not think that it will be possible to retrieve any modicum of support for your cause unless you either get Geoff to respond to the criticisms and allegations against him, or for members of the JDA to distance themselves from these two men.

    The silence so far from Trevor and others has been deafening, but I really do feel it is time to let us know his feelings on the situation you now find yourselves in, because the damage could be permanent.

  54. Quite simply the JDA has lost the plot.
    They never once considered why Syvret FORCED the by-election in the first place.
    SS could quite easily have returned to the island a few days earlier and still a senator today !!!!!
    I'm not a big fan of Syvret's style of politics but I agree wholeheartedly in his cause.
    By presenting a JDA candidate to oppose SS, the JDA have effectively stuck two fingers up to child abuse in this island.
    Nice one JDA !

  55. Geoff needs to respond to the concerns expressed here as David has already done. The credibility of the JDA rests on what Geoff does next. This whole episode has been a serious error of judgement and appears to have damaged the party badly. We also need to hear from Trevor, Shona and Debbie so that we understand their views on this.

    IMHO Geoff needs to consider his position in the party. His ego and inability to listen are big liabilities to the JDA and scurrilous rumours emanating from SS blog will be a further distraction. David we know you have known Geoff for many years and are a close friend of his, it's therefore best for you to do the difficult job of persuading Geoff that the JDA will be best served by his standing down.

    Will you do it?

  56. For the JDA to recover from this event and stand any chance of its candidates being elected it needs too, in no specific order:

    1. Get Ted to apologise to Carrie and the Care Leavers; and

    2. Geoff should be removed from the party and must resign as a Deputy now and if he wants to be re-elected he can stand as an independent, perhaps representing Unite; and

    3. Geoff must respond to the allegations being made against him. I have been hearing these for a number of years from former students so they were not new allegations when they appeared on the SS website.

    4. Actively pick up the Abuse case and investigate it with Stuart/Carrie et al in a meaningful way via the Chamber in the best interest of those abused; and

    5. Break its far too close ties with Unite.

  57. "The credibility of the JDA rests on what Geoff does next."

    The credibilty of the JDA has taken a severe hit over the last few weeks and any remnants will be destroyed if Geoff Southern thinks he can carry on as if nothing has happened.

    And if the JDA thought running as a spoiler against Syvret would ingratiate them with the right on this island they are deluded.

    Such a cynical and blatantly opportunistic move will only alienate much of their core support, which as another poster points out overlaps significantly with that of Stuart Syvret

    If Southern wishes to be taken seriously first and foremost he needs to address the allegations that Stuart Syvret has made about his conduct while a teacher at Hautlieu.

    Syvret says he has people ready to testify in court against Southern who can't pretend this will go away, indeed his silence over the past few days, and his no-show yesterday, speaks volumes.

    A lot of people couldn't work out why Southern was willing to run as a spoiling candidate against Syvret, and you didn't need the benefit of hindsight to understand how his candidature would play right into the establishment's hands.

    Ultimately it is hard to escape the conclusion that maybe Southern thought he was acting out of a sense of self preservation himself when he decided to do the establishment's dirty work for them.

    In any case it is hard to see how he can have any positive influence now and will only drag down those around him.

  58. your missing the point JDA is not about two people its about policies and the whole i for one hope it continues as we need all cares of people to make a goverment

  59. "JDA is not about two people"

    The JDA HAS BECOME about two people's egos and until they go it has no chance next election.

  60. "I would have put competence and reliability before idealogy, and voted Ryan personally."

    That puts the icing on the cake for me.

    Kind regards,

    ex JDA vote No. 3001

  61. I don't happen to agree with the tone of some of Ted Vibert's comments but I do find it strange how we have never heard anything like a proper answer from the likes of GeeGee and a few others as to the threat to smear JDA people that Stuart made citizens media pass on around Liberation day - the action that started all this destructive madness.Unfortunately it does seem that these type of Stuart supporters just don't have the backbone to confront this issue.

  62. You have lost my vote, my wife's, her father's, my brother's, my uncle's and my son who will be voting age next year. = 2 lost votes for Trevor Pitman and the rest for any Senatorial candidate.

  63. Trevor Pitman will definitely be getting my and the family's votes. His stock just keeps on going up. Not just because of his performance as a politician but for refusing to get involved in all of the pettiness and name calling. Ya-boo-shucks! Can Stuart, Geoff and Ted grow up a bit now please?

  64. I actually know quite a lot about 'the smear' issue thank you, and to be perfectly honest I think an awful lot of other people do also.

    In all of this I have not had a bad word to say against Trevor, but with accusations and suggestions of 'inappropriate' behaviour, I have thought it maybe in everybody's best interests.
    if Geoff Southern either confirms or denies them, and at the first opportunity I am prepared to face him and ask myself.

    Interestingly, I did not hear of this from the mouth or blog of Stuart Syvret that early on in the election campaign, but indeed at the hustings, where Trevor himself told me and asked me to confirm with a third party. It was only at the 11th hour that I read what Stuart put up on his blog. However, in the interim, and not even mentioning Mr Southern, we were out socialising and the issue arose from an ex Hautlieu pupil. I also asked my younger daughter who was taught by him at this school and her response was unrepeatable here!

    All this considered, I will have the backbone as I said previously when the opportunity arises, but, having said that, I do think it is the Deputy in question who should be showing backbone over this don't you?

  65. I am informed that Geoff is under legal advice not to make any response to certain libels on another blog, for the time being. DR

  66. "Vibert elected President of JDA" Wow you guys on the JDA Council sure know how to put two fingers up at a large number of the electorate.

    Unbelievable one of the main reasons for so much disaffection now made President just unbelievable, you have completely lost the plot

  67. I apologise - it was actually at the nominations meeting that Trevor was forthcoming with the 'situation'. Nothing had, or did appear on Stuart's blog until very, very prior to election day itself.

    I am still at a loss to understand what more anybody can do to 'confront this issue' short of asking the question to Geoff himself.

    To that end I turned up in the Royal Square on Saturday, when there was a 'no show' and despite being unwell also was at the States meeting this morning, but had to leave at lunch-time.

    For my part I have no wish to be confrontational, but quietly and politely ask an honest question to which I would hope to get an honest answer. It would appear from the JDA Council's last comment that this will be denied us now.

  68. Ah, so they are "libels" then? And if they are "libels" then clearly they cannot be true - is that Geoff's position on this?

    Oh, and dismal result today, JDA block vote + 5 of the usual awkward squad. Time to go Geoff I'm afraid.

  69. In common with many others I am sure, I am sick to the back teeth of reading Gee Gees constant reference to supposed transgressions by the head of this party on this and other websites. Please, for all of our sakes, have the courage of your convictions and spell out exactly what it is you believe to be true. If you have rock solid evidence to back up your claims, you have nothing to fear from making a full and clear revelation. After all, you and his other supporters have constantly cited the lack of any substantive libel or slander lawsuits to counter Stuart's numerous accusations as proof of their veracity.

    If, as I suspect however, you choose not to explicitly state what it is you know and can prove, we can all take it that, as with Stuart's numerous causes over the years, you are confusing 'evidence' with hearsay and conjecture. Any of these could of course end up with you having your day in court. It is simply down to you however whether you appear as a witness for the prosecution, or the accused.

    Its time to put up or shut up Jill. Which will you choose I wonder ? Neither as usual I suspect. You will just to continue to spout your poison, but then I guess we shouldn't expect anything else but your mimicking of Stuart's reprehensible behaviour.

  70. Please, please whoever you are, get your facts straight. As someone who did not think it wise for Stuart to put the posting on his blog about Southern, I have searched and found that once, and only once did I make reference to this, and again, as I have done on here suggested that Southern makes his position clear for everybody's sake, and I stand by that. I am far from being the lone voice on this, and Stuart's blog on this matter.

    You are well aware (if it is you Trevor) that have always been very concerned with the wellbeing of children/young adults, and moreso at this particular moment in time for personal reasons. If it is not you Trevor, perhaps you would point out to the commenter above as to just where I am coming from.

    As someone who was always on the periphery of support for the JDA, I am afraid that this has now gone for once and for all due to all the shenanigans of the last few weeks. Maybe Terry Le Main WAS right yesterday when he said there was no place for the JDA - this could all have been so different. A great shame, but que sera, que sera.

    I think 'spouting poison' is a little bit strong, as I have suggested that all we need are answers. Seeking an antidote may be a more appropriate way of putting it.

    As you obviously know who I am I appreciate I am easy pickings, but please accept there have been far stronger comments than mine posted Anonymously!

  71. GeeGee said... June 23, 2010 12:46 AM
    ‘Please, please whoever you are, get your facts straight. As someone who did not think it wise for Stuart to put the posting on his blog about Southern, I have searched and found that once, and only once did I make reference to this,’

    Really. On this post alone, I managed to find 3 separate references to it. Despite the obvious time you have on your hands, you couldn’t have looked very hard.

    GeeGee said... June 19, 2010 3:03 PM
    ‘I do not think that it will be possible to retrieve any modicum of support for your cause unless you either get Geoff to respond to the criticisms and allegations against him, or for members of the JDA to distance themselves from these two men.’

    GeeGee said... June 22, 2010 6:06 AM
    ‘but with accusations and suggestions of 'inappropriate' behaviour, I have thought it maybe in everybody's best interests.
    if Geoff Southern either confirms or denies them, and at the first opportunity I am prepared to face him and ask myself.’

    GeeGee said... June 22, 2010 10:00 AM
    ‘I am still at a loss to understand what more anybody can do to 'confront this issue' short of asking the question to Geoff himself.’

    1) My ‘facts’ appear to be straight
    2) If you believed it wasn’t wise for Stuart to publish his posting, why do you keep referring back to the very subject of the posting itself ?
    3) Whether you are a lone voice on this issue is irrelevant to the question asked of you.
    4) Your concern for the wellbeing of others is irrelevant to the question asked of you
    5) Whether it is Trevor or anybody else replying to you is irrelevant to the question asked of you
    6) Your support, or otherwise, for the JDA is irrelevant to the question asked of you
    7) Whether TLM was right about the JDA is irrelevant to the question asked of you
    8) Whether it is your own identity, or some blog name, is irrelevant to the question asked of you.

    So, once again. What do you know, and can prove, that you are asking Geoff to make his position clear on ?

  72. So GeeGee, whoever that is, is now insuating that anonymous responses to her or him is Trevor. Does that mean he or she is sinking into the same paranoia as her god, the Great Judge, Jury and Executioner that is the washed up hasbeen Syvret?

    Whatever differences I might have with some of Trevor's views I am really quite sure that he makes a point of answering in his own name. Why, GeeGee this desperate attempt to misrepresent all and anyone in the JDA? We know you hate Geoff Southern (I ain't that keen myself) but what is with the attitude to everyone else?

    I thought I read somewhere that you respected Trevor Pitman? Or are you now just following the latest Fuhrer Order from the man who really should have had the political slogan "They are guilty until I say they are innocent"?

  73. Oh dear 'Anonymous'!!

    As you appear to be relishing the fact that you know my identity whilst hiding behind the anonymity of yours, perhaps you would be as straight as I am. You seem to know an awful ot about me i.e. that I have ' a lot of time on my hands' (another Jimmy Perchard type comment hey)?.
    What on earth do you know about me and how I spend my time? I have been out since 8.15 this morning and just come in to find I have yet again to justify myself to you. So please, likewise can you elaborate on what I have been doing all day?!!

    The only question mark I can see in your original posting is to whether I will put up, or shut up. Well, I still maintain that if or when I encounter Mr Southern I will ask him the question which many other people have said he should answer. So, there is your answer.

    Furthermore, I was referring to, when answering to the allegation of comments made, the comments I had made on Stuart's blog, which was one in total. How could I make secret the fact that I have made more reference of this on this particular blog!!

    And no, I did not think the timing was right in regard to when Stuart posted the information he had received. I felt it would have been better left until after the election if necessary, but it is not my blog, Stuart is his own man, and he felt the timing was right.

    So, whoever you are Anonymous who knows so very much about me, until you are prepared to 'come out', may you are irrelevant as well.

    In regard to your last question, which did not form part of your initial comment, maybe you should be asking Stuart and the lady that furnished him with the info.

  74. The JDA is irrelevant. Rather an intimidating reply to Gee Gee says it all really

  75. I am sorry moderators to bring this up again, but I am sick of the tactic on local blogs of individuals referring to unfounded allegations in order to criticise individuals, and then attempting to avoid responsibility for their actions when they are questioned.

    Jill, this is getting really tiresome, and your idea that anyone else's opinions carry less weight than your own simply because they choose not to use their real identity is truly bizarre. But that is not the point of this posting. The point is that you have alluded a number of times to allegations on this website, and then attempted to excuse your actions by suggesting that these are views held by other individuals.
    It is not these other individuals who have posted on this site. It is you.

    Your answer to my question which asked you to reveal exactly what it is you know about Geoff's alleged transgressions, is that

    'I still maintain that if or when I encounter Mr Southern I will ask him the question which many other people have said he should answer'

    So despite bringing up these allegations at least 3 times on this blog posting alone in an attempt to make mischief, you still refuse to answer the direct question asked of you. I am not questioning other people's views, I am not questioning Stuart's views, I am asking you as you have decided to raise the subject on this blog.

    You are not being asked to justify yourself. You are being asked to justify your comments. For the last time hopefully, what do you think you know ?

    You obviously have knowledge of ‘something’, as you were happy to tell all of us in one of your previous comments.

    'I actually know quite a lot about 'the smear' issue thank you'.

  76. Anonymous, I was not insinuating that the comment was by Trevor. The reason I said IF it was Trevor is because my name was used in one of the comments, and Trevor had asked me not so very long ago if I posted under the name of GeeGee.

    The purpose of that, was that if it was Trevor, or he was aware who it was, and as he has my e-mail address, I would be more than acceptable to meeting face to face, which is a far more preferable way to deal with matters, rather than have everything that is written misconstrued.

    The offer is there - it is up to 'you'? to accept or reject.

    So, Fact 1 - Yes, I do have a lot of respect for Trevor and that has in no way diminished. I am however disappointed that he has been part of the debacle over the last fews weeks in regard to the election, and the deafening silence that has come from him. However he will maybe yet put his side across, and I hope he does.

    Fact 2 - I do not HATE Geoff Southern. I do not hate anybody in fact, because it is a very negative emotion which only turns inwards and causes bitterness to the person feeling it. However, I have little or no respect for the man, and in that I feel I am not alone. There is therefore a vast difference in what you think, and what I feel.

    Fact 3 - Misrepresent all and everyone in the JDA? Where has all that come from please? I have made my thoughts on both Trevor and Geoff known, one negative and one positive. The only other person that would have an issue with is Mr Vibert, who was very rude both to myself and Carrie Modral because he was challenged and appeared not to like the fact. The other members appear to get on well with the job they have been elected to do and nowhere, but nowhere have I mentioned anyone else's name.

    Fact 4 - I do not have a 'God', nor do I take orders from anybody. I am very much my own person. My respect for Stuart stems from his honesty, the fact that he will put his neck on the line in regard to that honesty, he does his research and can put his point across eloquently both by way of the written and spoken word. Name me one other politician that does or has done that?

  77. All your questions have been answered in my other comments if you care to read them properly.

    Hence my offer in my previous post - take it or leave it because yes, it is getting tiresome and much as you may feel you know me well enough to think I have too much time on my hands, I am actually rather busy!

  78. You know full well, and everyone on this blog can easily see by looking back, that you have constantly avoided the one simple question asked of you which is to spell out what you know ? I think we can take it from this evasion that you don't actually have the courage to stand by what you have tried to imply, and actually have no proof of anything. Thank you for wasting my, and everyone else's,time. Your 'knowledge' has been exposed for the nasty little fantasy that it is.

  79. I have answered your question as I have stated previously. So, when are we going to meet?

    Who is being evasive now?

  80. Come on, chaps/girls - this isn't a dating agency you know!


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