Sunday, June 13, 2010

Geoff's Written Questions 15th June 2010

1. to Education Sport & Culture minister
Can the minister confirm that under the savings proposal ESC-4 "re-defining core business for schools" he plans to axe the employment of Modern Language assistants in secondary schools, and state how many posts this will involve and what other measures are included under this "re-definition"?
Will he also state what proportion of the £298,000 saving this measure accounts for?
Will he further assure the assembly that such a cut will not reduce the standards achieved in foreign language examination grades achieved by our students especially in spoken French standards which is a proud and unique part of our Jersey heritage? Can he state what impact this will have on his much-heralded initiative at Hautlieu School to introduce the International Baccalaureate (IB) which requires high standards in a second language study beyond the age of 16?
Will the minister also state whether the posts have been advertised and candidates have applied, but that shortlisting  and the interview process has been suspended? Will he then state when appointments have been made in previous years in order to allow appointees to take up their places for the start of the new academic year in September?
Finally, will he state whether any decision of the States on this matter in September has been pre-empted by his departments actions?
2. To Treasury &Resources minister
Will the minister inform members on a department by department basis what grades of staff were involved in the drawing up of the CoM summary of the savings proposals and assure members that it was not solely the efforts of CEOs and senior finance and other administrative directors?
3. To Health Minister
Will the minister inform members of the extent to which access to chemotherapy for cancer patients is being rationed in Jersey and in particular to the drug "Avastin" which is currently being trialled?
4. To Planning & Environment minister
Given the minister's long term goals on improving energy efficiency in the island what justification does he have for the 5%  (£54,000) reduction in energy efficiency grants in proposal PE-S4 of the CSR?


  1. Is there a special secret States meeting on the 15th ?

  2. Maybe it is the 22nd or 29th,then. Geoff forwarded them unheaded for posting, so I just assumed they would be for the next Tuesday. DR

  3. Probably Mac!! Lots of things go on that we don't get to hear about (only through Stuart!)

  4. Well done to the JDA for nailing SS in these elections. The Hustings were very enjoyable and I would say that Ted and Geoff have done enough to sway the voters to not have him back. All hail Senator Geoff Southern!

  5. Yeah Anonymous

    We hear a lot of things 'only through Stuart' sadly loads of them are just made up to try and smear or discredit other people to cover up for his ineptitude. All of which undermines all of the good and true stuff that he says from time to time. I'm an ex-Stuart supporter and I'm not coming back! Well done JDA.

  6. Today is the day of the election, and there are but 5 comments to this latest post by your candidate Geoff Southern.

    I find that most odd given the sudden rash of passionate Southern support which has appeared across other people's blogs over the past couple of days.

    Don't you?

  7. Good luck to Geoff Southern today, he deserves this seat a lot more than the foul mouthed crook Stuart Syvret.

  8. Nice Post Geoff
    sorry cant agree with it
    You have failed to rally the voters the end for you i think
    Teachers have been talking and we are watching
    Just really glad that your not in main stream education any more
    Please don't think that it was Syvrets latest comments about you that swayed us I have known about your predilections for a long time
    Lets just call it calma


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