Thursday, May 20, 2010


For next week’s States sitting Trevor has the following two oral questions lodged. The first was intended to be in two parts and was to be asked of the Privileges & Procedures Committee, but due to a difference of opinion regarding to Standing Orders this was re-directed to the Chairman of the Comité des Connétables and the second and main part omitted in error. Trevor explained:

“Being made aware that there have been moves afoot by some in the States to decrease the times the polling stations are open at elections I wanted clarification that no moves would be made to do this prior to the forthcoming by-election - possibly under the smokescreen of ‘efficiency savings’. Such a move would in reality even further erode the number of busy, working people able to cast their vote – which in my view is, of course, exactly what some in the States want because it is ordinary working people who tend to vote for the JDA and other Progressives. I believe that any such moves need to be opposed as strongly as possible. After all, this appears to all be part of a growing trend as we have already witnessed with the undermining of the postal voting process in Jersey that is a fundamental aspect of all modern, functioning democracies the world over.”

Trevor tells us that he will still seek to raise this second issue as a supplementary. The approved wording of the question at present
to the Chairman of the Comité des Connétables is as follows:

“Will the Chairman advise the Assembly of the likely cost of organizing and running the forthcoming Senatorial by-election?”

The second oral question Trevor has lodged is in support of his written question relating to the so-called ‘Metropolitan Police Interim Report’. For an explanation as to the background of this we suggest readers should see the posing on written question below.

Oral question to the Minister for Home Affairs ­

“Given that the Minister has consistently advised the Assembly that he has not personally seen the ‘Metropolitan Police Interim Report’ relating to the process leading to the suspension of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, will he advise whether he has now been able to obtain a copy and confirm that the report does exist as a physical document?”


  1. Init amaizing what you can pick up by sitting quietly at a cafe used by some of our lords, masters and political wanabees as I was doing this Thursday afternoon in town. Election news - don't bother waiting for the Beano! Nicholas Le Cornu is set to stand for the Time 4 Change twosome. Senator Breckon to nominate Suzi Haeze.....

    With every left leaning politico in town evidently saying "no thanks Syvret" we ain't gonna be intimidated into sitting quietly on the sidelines I guess all of this raises the question - are the JDA going to sit back on their own or fight for the centre-left so many claim that they represent? Hopefully not. Meanwhile just look out for the toy throwing smears and personal attacks from an angry jealous god...

  2. I have been someone who has voted for Stuart Syvret since 1996 but can't deny I have had my concerns about the last couple of years. I went to the meeting last Monday and have to say that to describe everyone there as being fully supportive of all that Stuart said is far from correct. The couple who were next to me, probably in their late fifties,were there just for the same reasons I was. To listen. They didn't ask questions, did not heckle the few who were brave enough to dissent, but did not applaud wildly either. We were there to ponder what was said. Key, like me they also just did not buy into the excuses for the six month sabbatical. But really I am just pleased to read the news of other progressives deciding to stand as I think what comes across as the hinted threatening tone of some of the postings on Stuart's blog are 100% out of order. I would certainly not want the left of centre vote split for no reason under normal circumstances. But this idea that this is 'Stuart's seat - do not tresspass' is utter nonsense. If he is to win this he has to do so on merit. He really had no real reason to not come back earlier. The referendum talk is just spin that I don't think fools many at all.He is probably still the favourite though, but the way the few people that I have spoken to about it today view it is that there are basically only three who can win. Stuart,Geoff Southern and Francis Le Grailley. Perhaps of more importance these are the only three anyone vaguely progressive would want to see winning. No disrespect to Nick Le Cornu but he just isn't a credible candidate being simply too extreme. Fair play to him for standing though. The likes of Ryan or Bryans slipping in would be a disaster. More lobby-fodder pure and simple. I also have to add that while I really had to agree with the gist of Ted Vibert's letter in the JEP in so much as it showed the courage to ask very relevant questions I really hope that we don't see the vitriol that pours out of Stuart so often spread and dominate this election. There are already rumours of attempts to bully some people out of standing and I think escalation of this would hand it to an establsihment candidate on a plate. Nice too simply to see old Ted back in the political spotlight. One chap who really has been missed.

  3. I am all for Geoff Southern for Senator!

    Its the JDA's first real chance of getting somebody in on an island mandate. Geoff if you are reading this you have got my vote!

  4. Oh... I like Stuart...but I really like Geoff too... But which is better? Only one way to find out... FIGHT!

    On a serious note good to see some other candiates from the left. Not sure about how left Suzi is but Alan is a bona fide man of the people. Love him or loath him Geoff's commitment to working for the people is unquestionable. Not sure about Nick Le Cornue as a serious candidate but he is certainly about as far to the left as you can get without a big droopy moustache and a name change to Joe.

    Be really very interesting to see who signs any of these candidates nomination papers. What will it say to Stuart Syvret if put together they have every other leftie in town on them?

  5. You are persistent I'll give you that, Trevor. A good quality in a politician to be sure. I must admit I am even tempted to come down on Tuesday to watch the boy ILM attempt to do a version of the Ali shuffle. In this case float like a butterfly/dodge (the question) like a bee! Does this document exist? I really wonder. VFC probably know already but aren't telling.

  6. Do not resign David. If Geoff Southern did not stand then people would be saying he was scared of losing. Syvret is not everybodies cup of tea mate believe me. The silent majority do not think much of him.

  7. Trevor.

    Good question to the Home Affairs Minister. But for anybody to have seen a document, it would have to exist in the first place. I would argue there is no document in existence that is titled "Metropolitan Police Interim Report" concerning the handling of "Operation Rectangle". As always I stand to be corrected, so shall be listening intently on Tuesday.

  8. Great to see Ted back in the political limelight. There are rumours that he is now back in good health and will be involved with the party far more. Can someone confirm this because it really would be great news.

    Geoff, Shona, Trevor and Debbie have done a great job this past 18 months but having Ted back on the team would boost the JDA cause no end. If you are reading this Ted you are a legend. Syvret's dismissal of you in little digs on his blog a couple of weeks ago was really sad.

  9. Geoff. Good luck. It will be difficult but I suppose getting the message out there is what it is all about. Three possibles for me. Can we also know who is nominating you and who are the other proposers on your sheet?

  10. Deputy Southern,

    What the Hell are you playing at, standing in the By-election?

    Just carry on doing what you do well.

    And don't embarriss yourself.

    What is your intention anyway?

  11. JDA is a party without a leader.

    Syvret is a leader without a party yet, and Southern you are burning your bridges and spoiling your credability, by entering this by-election.

    You are going to loose a lot of support, if you stand.

  12. Please could Geoff explain why he intends to stand in this by election? His strategy baffles me.

    OK- Geoff, in an ordinary senatorial election, you would be one of the 6 I'd vote for. I relate to your politics and you always vote the same way I would of. I also love your style of delivery. Its cool.

    But in this election, sorry but no chance. Syvret gets my vote and most left / progressive / green / ordinary / care leavers / 'the Jersey Way' oppressed peoples votes.

    Le Gressley will get those more right wing voters.

    So Ok..... go ahead and stand, because the more that do, the more the vote is split, the greater likelihood Syvret will get in.

    That's my election theory so whats yours?

  13. You want to read some of the comments of support on the farce blog about the JDA now. Very clever guys, very clever.

  14. Hi Trevor.
    Sorry for this but I need to say this. You are going to have
    to tell Your so called leader to stand down from this election,
    because he is going to do untold damage to your party.
    You will all loss.

  15. Interesting - anonymous thinks that having lots and lots of progressive candidates is a good idea...

    3 (or is it 4) progressive candidates = 1/4 of their potential vote each. Not really very clever and the Establisment Party will be laughing all the way to the count


  16. These bullying comments? Are they from Stuart in disguise. Used to vote for him but now he is as low as you can get. Yes, Other Exile is right,vote policies bot personalities. I am afraid Stuart loses out on both. But admin can I please ask that you don't let this blog become filled with hate like so much of the attacks against anyone who disagrees with him on Stuart's. Thanks.

  17. Money for NothingMay 22, 2010 at 8:24 AM

    'Syvret a leader without a party'? Being a leader is something that he will never be and I say that as a long term supporter. he should drop all the self pity and start to do some work again. C'mon. £22,000 for six months sitting on your arse. Sorry, but Ted is right. get back to the way you were Stu.

  18. In answer to this comment.

    "Does this document exist? I really wonder. VFC probably know already but aren't telling"

    I am the first to admit I am not Sherlock Holmes but going by the balance of probability there's not a bl--dy chance this "Met Police Interim Report" exists.

    The reason I believe this is pretty straight forward, from what is already in the public domain. It appears the only person to have set his beady little eyes on it is David Warcup. Andrew Lewis Denies seeing it, Ian Le Marquand denies seeing it, the author of the Met Report denied its existence, and on top of this Scotland Yard, under Freedom of Information, will neither confirm nor deny its existence.

    David Warcup is the chap that told Ian Le Marquand the Superintendent that only lasted four days ran away incase he got called a nasty name on the internet. He also told Ian Le Marquand that the cellars/voids at Haut de la Garenne were only 1.4 metres deep.

    Hopefully we will find out on Tuesday if this met interim report exists................hopefully!

  19. Look I can't claim to have been a Stuart Syvret supporter for decades like some. But I have voted for him twice. Not any more I'm afraid.

    A load of good qualities but they all seem to be vanishing before our eyes. What says it all to me is when you start attacking people on the same side as well as your opponents. Not everyone can be a crook, evil or whatever.

    Unless just having the gall to go up against Stuart now qualifies someone for that status? I'll be going for Geoff this time.

  20. I know you don't have a blog post up about this subject yet, but I've just heard the JDA is fielding a candidate in the upcoming by-election.

    I've always had a lot of time for the JDA, but given what this election represents I'm left feeling dismayed with you. To the point that today you lost my support.

    I feel you've shown yourselves blind to the bigger picture for the sake of petty minded personal ego boosts.

    Sorry, and goodbye.

  21. Trevor,

    Surely a question to ask on Tuesday would be: Terry Le Sueur said that Bob Hills public enquiry into Graham Powers Suspension, would take too long at 6 weeks he assured the States that he would do it quicker.

    It is now 3 months and why is his enquiry not complete yet?

  22. Geoff, are you nuts? I voted for you before but I think you are being disloyal to those you claim to support. Think it through and keep your Deputy seat for now and I will vote for you as a Senator in the next elections. If you go ahead and stand I bet...
    1- you wont win
    2- you will look a fool
    3- you will damage your reputation.

    If Trevor and the others see sense, they will be begging you not to stand.

  23. I am pleased Geoff Southern is standing and he has my vote before its started.

  24. Reading some of these comments on here, some Syvret supporters look genuinely scared of the JDA. Well its Syvret that has announced that he wants to form a rival political party to all so who can blame Geoff Southern for standing now?

    Syvret behaves like a law to himself all the time and as for votes I would rather vote for Geoff Southern than Stuart Syvret without even seeing any manifestos because I do not believe Syvret can keep to one.

  25. All of this them and us, you have to let Stuart win because he will bring change, he is the only one capable etc makes me sick as one of his supporters. I also don't believe for a minute that Stuart only came back when he did to force a referendum. It is an insult really and he should apologise to us.

    Much as I have admired him in so many ways he has brought zero change. Mainly because he can't seem to work with those of similar views. This talk of forming his own party is a joke. We should just ask ourselves which of the other progressives would join it. My bet would be none. Maybe the nomination papers will prove me right on this or wrong. But I would have a little bet on it if I was a betting person.

    But I think the biggest off put for many like me now is that Stuart has become such an arrogant big head who thinks he is superior to everyone. Sorry I'm just being honest. Maybe he is just a little bit jeaalous of Southern being more intelliegent and old Ted being more popular if he had stood. The letter was very fair I felt all things considered.

    Sort yourself out Stuart and stop promoting this rubbish about some kind of betrayal. You skived off, you didn't get thrown in prison like you were telling all of us, you don't seem to have done a lot of good by being away at all. Now even fellow progressives are enemies. Maybe you should just stand down for a couple of years and re-charge your batteries?

  26. Just remember what Stuart Syvret said when questioned outside his brief court appearance upon his return to Jersey. He glibly joked about how he had hoped to be thrown in prison. But of course he wasn't. Nor was he ever likely to be. This is just him letting the guard slip for a moment on a politician who has always ben the great manipulator. Hugely gifted he has conned people with his victim underdog act so long he now is just a caricature of himself. Admired you for years, Stuart. Now can you please just go and while you are closing the door stop bleating about Geoff Southern. Looks to so many of us like you are just looking to have an excuse ready if you should - unlikely as it still is - lose. If it isn't something personal then maybe you could tell us why no similar vitriol aimed at Breckon or Tadier/Le Cornu? case closed.

  27. Talking this morning to even some ardent right wingers and Geoff Southern's got a good chance of winning this. People have had enough and why waste a vote on somebody who could just pick up sticks and shoot off again for 6 months?

    Thats the reality of it all. Who do you honesty trust now?

  28. Hi JDA

    I can't lie and say that I am not disappointed that we have a number of progressives going for one vote. It will make for a result that will not and can not be a true refelection of any of the candidates' support. Like someone else said, this will force a choice between individuals that in a usual election would all get votes. Result, one or two people may end up looking like their vote has collapsed when really it is just because though a person like me rated them he or she happened to be number two on my list.

    But on the other hand, if we are committed to democracy then I still hold that you can't complain about whoever wishes to standing. The worst thing would be letting a right winger slip in, and I think I have to include Francis in that. A progressive he is not. Maybe the best move would be for Stuart Syvret to withdraw? Love the guy but he is yesterday's man now. Sorry Stuart.

    As for hearing that Rod Bryans has pulled out... What a surprise. An utter waste of space who was one of the worst candidates I had ever seen in the St. Helier Number 2 election hustings. Didn't even knock on my door. A complete bozo so no loss there. Come on Stuart do the right thing!

  29. LOL! Read the letter in tonight's JEP from Darren O'Tool. Wasn't this the same wally who was supporting Tory Boy Darrius around the time he was hoping to become Constable with a nomination paper where half the people thought they were nominating someone else? Someone should ask Darren if he would expect to resign from his job and make himself redundant before he could go for promotion. He does work I suppose?

  30. This is all very sad and should not have happened. Having said that I can't really blame the JDA. They didn't make this farce former Senator Syvret did. Why did he not resign 6 months ago if he wanted this referendi on who was right, him or the council of ministers? It doesn't ring true at all.

  31. No, No!! Geoff should withdraw or at least resign his Deputy's seat first.

    Sorry Geoff!

  32. I have just heard a story that Mr Le Gresley is to be nominated by Deputy Le Herissier. If true, given the Tadier and Breckon involvement and rumours of a number of the more progressive States members backing Geoff Southern where does this leave Stuart? He has been talking of a party but it looks like next to none of our other worthwhile politicians would touch a Syvret party with a barge pole. What do others like GeeGee think? Seems like a lot of politicians even on the right side of the fence think Stuart is just full of hot air?

  33. I am totally unimpressed with some of the JDA attacks which SS is allowing on his blog now and some are nasty. Funny that.

  34. Can somebody from the Council of the JDA unequivocally confirm that the party's supporters should not vote for Stuart Syvret at the coming by-election. There seems to be some confusion over past alliances between Trevor and the Ex-Senator which would lead us to believe he was supportive of the individual

    Thank you in anticipation of this clarification

  35. The JDA do not want their supporters to vote for Stuart Syvret. The party's preferred candidate is Geoff Southern. If you have an objection to him for any personal reason, we would prefer you to abstain as a first preference, or, if you feel that you must vote for someone, then vote for one of the other non-establishment candidates, please.

  36. So what is the problem the JDA have with Stuart?
    I'm getting confused over this, didn't Geoff originally say he wouldn't stand against Stuart, so what happened to change his mind.

  37. Sorry Geoff but your ego got in the way of political change - a sad day for Jersey

    You will not get my vote and although I think you have brought a great deal of intelligence to the States, you have seriously miscalculated this one and probably by your selfishness allowed an establishment victory of sorts. Had this been a normal Senatorial election with several candidates standing I would have given you my vote - but after this - never again. Cutting off your nose to spite your face comes to mind.

  38. Say No To Blackmailers and BulliesMay 26, 2010 at 4:10 AM

    Maybe one of the issues the JDA now have with Stuart was his mad threats to smear Geoff if Ted Vibert or he stood. I have always voted for Stuart and Geoff but you can't give in to egotistical bullies and that is sadly what Stuart has become. He should take a break for a year or two and come back re-charged. Mind you, he should apologise first but we all know he won't. A vote for Stuart right now is a vote for political stagnation. Probably a vote for him to have another six months holiday at our expense too.

  39. Geoff.

    The news is leaking out now about Stuart's sickening attempt to bully you and Ted out of standing with a threatened smear camapaign - even before the decision had been made that you would which really shows the paranoia.

    I'm another who has always voted for you both in the past but not this time. I honestly think Stuart should pull out from the by-election now that this is coming to light. We have already seen the comments from Mr Jenkins and now Miss Hase. Seems to think he is a law unto himself.

    I would urge all his genuine supporters like I have been myself to give him a wide birth this time and give him a wake up call. This is the bahaviour of a total coward and not what we want in the States for all his abilities. Good luck.

  40. God! I am sick of all these bitching comments from a few Stuart supporters. Can we get back to other issues as this thread was meant to be about. So just to say great performance 'Big Trev' Le Marquand's performance in anwering - not answering - your questions was shocking. You are doing a great job. As for the Minister he really is sinking quicker than the Titanic. Well done Rico and Neil and all the rest too. People can work together. If only Syvret could!

  41. Big Trev.

    I agree with the previous commenter, Bitching between progressives is only helpful to the establishment and is not the topic of this posting.

    You are to be commended for your quest for the truth concerning the suspension of Chief Police Officer Graham Power and indeed your quest for the truth concerning the Child Abuse scandal, as is Deputy Hill, Constable Simon Crowcroft and others.

    Thank you for giving me an interview yesterday concerning your question(s) to Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand which I hope to publish tomorrow on VFJ.

  42. Deputy Southern,

    You said that you would not stand if Syvret stood.

    You have gone back on your word.

    And you are going to loose even more credability when you come second or even third or fourth.

    Step down now don't be a fool to yourself.

  43. Deputy Trevor PitmanMay 26, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    Thanks Voiceforchildren

    I was pleased to be able to speak to you the other day. I just hope our very keen member of the public who wanted to show her support for me, you and everyone who wasn't the Council of Ministers while we were filming did not get in the way! As you know I am going to be away for a short break so speak when I return.

    As to Ian's 'answer' I am minded to put in a complaint about the written one as the more I think about it this was both insulting and highly unprofessional. I had thought he had more respect for me.

    Then again...if what you need is 'locked' in the safe of the only person who has seen it things get pretty difficult.

    If what you need is locked in the safe of the only person to see it BUT isn't what you have been telling every Bob, Trev and Harry at all then things, I would suggest, may soon get impossible...

  44. If you have seen her press statement it shows quite clearly that Suzette Hase pulled out becuase she felt that her helping to split the vote might have let Stuart in. The points she makes about the election being unnecessary and how she doubts the real political issues will get aired due to its nature are right on the nail as well to my thinking.

  45. I have been a little unsure as to where to post this comment. I could have responded on the JEP comments section, but they may not have published in full as they are wont to do very often.
    Had I posted it on Stuart's blog, it would appear that I too was being a 'bitching Stuart supporter' (well I am a Stuart supporter, but not bitching)! I could also have written a personal letter to you, but being relevant to the forthcoming election I felt this was my best option.
    At the nominations meeting on Monday, I expressed my dismay to Geoff at the action he has taken in standing in this election. He has lost any support he may have had from me in the future. I hasten to add that this does not apply to Trevor and Shona Pitman.
    I also mentioned to Ted Vibert that I was not impressed with his letter in the JEP. He proceeded to ask me if I thought it was right that Stuart should leave the Island and involve the UK Government in affairs of the Island, to which I said that I did. Let's face it, the Island is rapidly losing any little credibility that it may now have. Outside intervention to my mind would be a good thing. To that Mr Vibert asked me if I was a local 'girl', to which I replied no. 'Oh' he said, 'I can tell you aren't'!!
    Well, may I tell you Mr Vibert, via this blog, that locally born or not, I have spent most of my life here, have Jersey born children and grandchildren, my education was here. I have worked and paid my way and am entitled to any opinion I may hold about the Island as anybody else.
    Furthermore, I have probably spent more years actually resident here than you have. Did you not leave to live in Australia for quite a large number of years?? Does that give you the right to take what is something I call the narrow-minded Jersey man's attitude that if you were not born here, you should put up, or shut up. You know... there is a boat in the morning mentality. How I wish I could afford to get on one believe you me.
    I well remember you Mr Vibert in your youth, when you ran a glossy magazine, and you too were a 'maverick' politician like Stuart,and a loose cannon. So, remembering that, yes I did find your letter smacked of double standards.
    Likewise, I found your analysis of me as 'not being a Jersey girl' therefore not knowledgeable or eligible enough to comment on matters equally shallow and 'Jersey minded'.
    I have posted this on here as you are allied to the JDA and supporting the JDA candidate in this election, hence this is the best place for the criticism, and for you to respond.
    Jill Gracia


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