Friday, May 28, 2010

NEW! Ted Vibert's Election Blog

We are proud to announce the return of the now-recovered Ted Vibert to the team. He is worth a separate blog page of his own, so we have given it to him at - link on left. His first post tells a few home truths about the Syvret situation.


  1. MR Vibert I am pleased that you have re entered the political sphere albeit on the sidelines as I always enjoyed your contributions to the States.

    I suggest that you are out to block SS re entry into the States, we live in a democracy so that is entirely right that you state your view and support your man GS.

    What really concerns me is the apathy that pervades this island when it comes to politics, we have a ruling elite that is riding rough shod over our culture and our values and month by month the island is being taken over by the rabid right consisting of a bunch of get rich at any price morons.

    Meanwhile the politicians of varying shades of red fight and squabble and trash each other..............the UK elections should be telling you all something - start working together and break up that quango of Connetables - if you can't get them out of the States then you need to start standing aginst them at every opportunity and re engaging the electorate!

  2. Personally I dont think he is so great.
    I have posted this on his blog......

    My family and I are 5 of the 14,800 people who voted for Syvret but none of us are care leavers and none of us feel he has let us down. Infact, we are all going to vote for him again.

    I have voted for JDA members in past elections. However, if you continue like this, I will have to seriously consider if I vote for the JDA again. In my opinion, you have put Trevor in a very difficult position and Geoff has made a terrific blunder in standing in this election. I think you come across as someone who has forgotten to assess that your reputation and followers of 4 years ago, may have moved on.
    The problems in Jersey are only getting worse and it would be in everyone's interest if the the non-establishment groups and individuals either stuck up for each other, or at least didn't put each other down as you just have.

  3. Oh what damage this will do to the JDA. As if Geoff standing without resigning his seat first, and standing when he said he would not do so if Stuart did was not bad enough, Mr Vibert's letter in the JEP and post on his new blog is just too much.

    So sorry for Trevor, a jolly decent man.

  4. I have to agree with the 2 previous posters, the fighting between the no establishment members is playing right into there hands.

    I could understand the JDA putting forward a candidate for the elections to try and increase there vote in the chamber, but not for one of there sitting deputies to run, Is it a ego thing with Geoff as I can't see any well organised and democratic party doing the same thing it's virtual political suicide.

  5. Well said Ted!

    Syvret has become completely ineffective with his delusional views. Time for someone who will stand up for all the people who vote them in, not just a chosen few.

  6. Please, on behalf of a seriously frustrated electorate start talking to Stuart Syvret about working in tandem to promote your progressive policies. When all is said and done, you both sit together under a 'progressive umbrella'.
    If you persist in attacking each other there is a very high risk that an establishment lackey will win this election.
    This election ie about progressive and reforming policies. I don't want to vote for personalities. I want to vote for policies. The JDA wants this. The JDA also wants more people to get out and vote.
    So answer me this: ' who should I vote for in this single seat by-election when the progressives are rubbishing each other ?'

    Please, look at the bigger picture. At the very least please,consider talking to Stuart about supporting each other in the pursuit of reforming and progressive policies?
    The establishment must be rubbing their hands with glee to see Ted Vibert attacking Stuart Syvret. It's a big mistake. The JDA could end up with major egg on it's face when the votes are counted. In my parish I have not met one single person who will vote for Geoff. People don't get why a sitting JDA member is standing against Stuart Syvret.
    If the Northern Irish Unionists can work constructively with the Republicans, if Clegg can work constructively with Cameron is it too much to ask that you come to an arrangement with Syvret.
    If the progressives can't work together then there is zero chance of any reform. The ball is in your court.
    It's time for grown up politics. The reputation of the JDA is in the spotlight. Don't make it a laughing stock.

  7. You might as well disband the JDA if you let TV ruin it like this!

  8. It is great to see Ted back and we all know the same people who support Stuart Syvret multiple post all over the Net just by following the grammer. Ted you speak for most of the 14,800 ex-voters of Stuart Syvret who have had enough of the lies, the conduct, the attacks, the appalling behaviour against so called allies and colleagues and the lack of progression in almost 20 years.

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  10. Karl marx once said "Workers of the world unite"
    why is the left side notorious for fighting amongst each other. The last thing we need is Ted Vibert attacking Syvret....your both left leaning, unite!

    Im sick to death of this senseless bickering, lets get to grips with the real enemy...the establishment! and get them out of the states.

    Syvret is the man for the job. The one who is more than willing to put his neck on the line and fight and he has shown this, time and time again. When will the people of Jersey wake up!

    Vote Syvret June 16th.

    Le Cornu is another great man also, with fantastic policies. Another man that Ted Vibert has attacked. An absolute shame.

  11. I dont know what yourthinking is JDA but allowing Ted vibert his own blog will loose you many votes in the future
    Today i looked at some of the comments on his blog which he obviously has screened first he has allowed an extremely personal nasty blogger comment through concerning Carrie Modral and Stuart Syvret. If you continue to allow him to politically try and point score by dicrediting an abuse victim that has had the courage to stand up and be counted, i want no part of your politics
    You have lost my and my families vote unless you do something very soon about this nasty man that is acting like a loose canon.

  12. Will not be voting J D A again
    Sorry Trevor, Shona, Debbie
    Maybe you should join Time for Change

  13. Well done Ted. Stuart is a bully now and has really let me down. Join Time For Change? This is only Monty, Nick and their shaving mirrors - why would anyone want to join that pair of no-hopers? Nick talks a great fight but in reality he hasn't got a clue. I will continue to vote JDA. If Stuart ever sorts himself out then I would vote for him again too. But not on the last year or two. Six months skiving then waffling about forcing a referendum is a bad joke and an insult to people like me who have supported him for so long.

  14. It is great to see Ted back and we all know the same people who support Stuart Syvret multiple post all over the Net just by following the grammer. Ted you speak for most of the 14,800 ex-voters of Stuart Syvret who have had enough of the lies, the conduct, the attacks, the appalling behaviour against so called allies and colleagues and the lack of progression in almost 20 years.

  15. I see people are coming here looking for Ted's blog from a Google search. The blog had to be closed, because I had no business moderating it after I parted from the JDA, and the Haut de la Garenne Farce Blog clientele were posting all kinds of unfit rubbish on it. You can read Ted's latest, but not comment back, at


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