Friday, March 5, 2010


Deputy Shona Pitman will ask the following question of the Minister for Housing ­

“In view of the heavy rainfall during the last weekend of February, would the Minister inform Members what action, if any, his Department have taken to prevent the regular flooding of houses at Nicholson Close?”

And she will ask the following question of the Minister for Economic Development ­

“Would the Minister inform Members whether any funding has been allocated to the tourism industry as part of the Economic Stimulus Package and, if so, how much and to what specific projects?”


  1. Are Ozouf, Maclean and co even half serious about supporting let alone promoting tourism? I guess we will soon know the answer. Because if none of the ESP funding has yet been allocated to tourism then any protestations to the charge that really they are happy for it to wither away and die completely will fall on deaf ears.

  2. Constable ConstableMarch 8, 2010 at 8:04 AM

    If anyone thinks this or the last Council of Ministers care one iota about tourism they are bonkers. Read Oxera. All thy want here is finance and when that goes belly up as seems likely we are up a certain creek without a certain paddle. So much for our great political leaders.


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