Thursday, March 4, 2010

Geoff's Oral Questions - 9th March

Deputy Geoff Southern will be asking the following Oral Questions on 9th March, both to the Social Security Minister:

Given that his departmental budget consist overwhelmingly of benefit payments, will the minister assure members that in attempting to deliver up to 10% cuts required by the Comprehensive Spending Review by 2013, he will not reduce the index linking or otherwise cut the levels of individual benefits administered by his department, and if not will he state here which benefits may be targeted?

Will the minister identify which of how many the 118 IS recipients identified following review as losing over £90 from their weekly income were on transitional protection (TP) along with which element of TP was removed, the reasons for doing so and whether the phased protection designed to alleviate financial hardship outlined in the IS (TP) (Jersey) Order 2008 applies?

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