Monday, January 25, 2010

More Questions Coming From Geoff

Deputy Geoff Southern will also be holding some other ministers to account with written questions:-

To Housing minister

The asst minister for Housing stated publicly on 24th January that “by and large they (J- cats) are on a time limit”. Will the minister state whether the policy of granting permanent J-cat licences has changed and state what proportions of the 348 and 533 licences granted in 2009 and 2008 respectively were granted in the public and private sectors?

To Chief Minister

Following the breakdown of the mediation process between the States Employment Board and teachers’ representatives, will the CM inform members what instructions were given to the States representatives on the 2009 pay offer in order to allow meaningful mediation to take place? What further measures does the CM have under consideration to avert the prospect of industrial action in our schools?

To Housing minister

Notwithstanding the ongoing consultation process his department is engaged in, will the minister inform members what options he has under consideration to eliminate the chronic underfunding of £7.5 m on annual repairs and maintenance identified in the Whitehead report?


  1. I feel I must pick you up on this statement.

    " Deputy Geoff Southern will also be holding some other ministers to account with written questions:-".

    Firstly I would like it known that I believe Geoff Southern is, aguably, the hardest working States member we have and respect him for it.

    But to make claims that he is going to be holding ANY minister to account is, in my opinion, balderdash.

    Although I stand to be corrected if you can explain just how any backbencher or Scrutiny Panel hold ministers to account?

    I grant you they might give ministers a tough time and ask some pretty tough questions but I've yet to see a backbencher or Scrutiny Panel/member hold any minister to "account"

    Perhaps you and I have a different opinion of what "holding to account" means in which case I would like to hear yours?


  2. It does not matter how hard you are 'seen' to work, its results that only matter.


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