Sunday, January 24, 2010

Geoff to Quiz Ministers About Post Office

Following the news that Jersey's Post office plans extensive downsizing in the near future, Deputy Geoff Southern has prepared the following questions to ministers:

Economic Development Minister

To what extent has the ED department been in consultation with the management of Jersey Post, either directly or through the JCRA or other bodies over the recently announced restructuring plan for Jersey Post?

In particular, will the minister explain to members the meaning of the following statements from Jersey Post:

1.“the redundancies at Jersey Post are not a reduction in jobs…”
Will the minister inform members how many employees are there now and how many at the end of the process in 2013?

2.There is to be a “re-alignment of pay to market rates for particular skill sets and activities”
Does this re-alignment mean pay cuts for any employees, and if so which grades and how many? Further, will the minister outline for members the depth of any such pay cuts?

3.Can the minister assure members that this process will not result in deterioration to the Universal Service Provision, including collection and delivery provision?

4.In particular, has the minister received any assurances that Post Offices or sub post offices will not be closed or otherwise affected by this process?

Social Security Minister

Will the minister detail for members of the extent that his department has been involved in discussions over the impact that the restructuring plan recently announced by Jersey Post will have on redundancies and reduced wages and hence on his departments expenditure on Income Support and supplementation? Will he give members an estimate of these projected costs?


  1. I cannot see the point of this. The Post Office is just a victim of technology so the workers that are laid off will just need to re-train in something else. Another pointless load of questions that won't change anything.

  2. The posties subject to redundancy will be replaced with casual "agency" type staff at much lower payrates who will do the "grunt" part of the job. There is not likely to be any actual reduction in total numbers employed. Those posties left will do the more complex sorting and internal work while the "grunts" go out on delivery.

    If the managers had the "grunt" part of their own jobs replaced by agency types, they would be left with about an hours value work a week - all the rest would be wasted in endless, pointless, useless meetings and Powerpoint presentations and planning expensive and stupid morale boosting exercises like the ridiculous "Fish" philosophy.

  3. Its business and sod all the JDA can do about it.

  4. It's the Jersey way. Leave the directors where they are, on massive pay packets and bonuses and get rid of the loyal staff, to be replaced by lower paid workers. The directors can then share an even bigger bonus pot on the back of the loyal postmen it has got rid of. There will be no reduction in the workforce just a change in workforce with cheap labour.


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