Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sam Mezec On Referendum

I have nearly finished a more succinct piece on the same subject for this blog, but for a superbly written in-depth argument for Option A, read this:


  1. the link is there on the edit page but not the public view. Another Blogger bug!


  2. Thanks for the plug! Will add your blog to my blog list. Cheers.

  3. Hey Sam,

    It's your Porsche-driving, right-wing, dyed-in-the-wool Thatcherite Tory follower here again. How you doing? Our politics will never be the same, but I appreciate what you do and the intelligent way that you put yourself across.

    Anyway, that little love-in aside, I saw this on the Daily Mail (!) website today and I thought it would be right up your street. Fellow arch Tory Quentin Letts argues passionately for equal voter representation. I thought you might find something useful in it.

    Sorry for sullying your browser with the Daily Mail, but they do sometimes run a good story.

    In 23 years as a parliamentary reporter, I've never felt such disgust for our political class, writes QUENTIN LETTS

    Take it easy, comrade!

  4. Sorry, Ugh It's Him. I posted my comment intended for Sam's blog on your blog. Doh!

    Would you mind passing it on to him for me please? Sorry and thanks!

    See, even Tories read your blog!


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