Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mark Forskitt For Senator

Jersey needs what Mark Forskitt has to offer even more now than when he stood in 2008, so he has been persuaded to run again this year. He has a Facebook page at​/Mark-Forskitt-for-senator-201​1/224697014235844 for more information.


  1. Just out of curiosity, with all the odd viewpoints in the world, how do you tell if a comment is "deranged"?

  2. Looks good. He has my vote in the Senatorials.

  3. Tony:
    just as subjectively as telling if it is offensive. To date, I don't think I have invoked that condition, but there is a forum I sometimes go on with potential readers and commenters of this blog, where I occasionally see things that I would not allow to be repeated on here. I am not even strict about irrelevant, if it is an interesting digression. However, anyone aspiring to be the next David Icke can plug their ideas on their own blog, not mine.

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence. It is appreciated. I hope that's not a deranged comment!
    Mark F

  5. I voted for him last time and will again.
    Trouble is the seats appear to have been pre-allocated.

  6. I heard Mark at the St Peter hustings. He's not a natural speaker like Syvret but the content was very good. The only one to give some feeling that there was a vision and a way to deliver it. He gets my first vote.


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