Friday, July 2, 2010


Does anyone genuinely think any States member actually enjoys going back to an issue again and again and again? Well, maybe there are few out there who do believe such nonsense. But the truth is the answer is no. That it sometimes has to be done – if you don’t fall for the calculated ploy used by some Ministers of trying to grind you down until the question is dropped by attempting to belittle the issue’s importance – is just another example of the sorry state of ministerial government.

Indeed, one more reason why I and a rapidly growing number of other Members sick to the back teeth of the mockery of democratic government that this system has become under Chief Minister Le Sueur will be backing Senator Breckon’s proposal for a complete overhaul. But that is a story for another day.

The fact is that just as I have stated in the Assembly on more than one occasion, I have no personal axe to grind on behalf of the suspended Chief of Police underlying these questions. All I am concerned with is getting to the bottom of a process that would not be tolerated in any self-respecting democracy; about finally getting some transparency. About ensuring that people – no matter who they are – should be treated as innocent until proven guilty; not to mention how under this Council of Ministers it is possible to hide behind guff like ‘neutral acts’ whilst spinning lies about investigations that will only take ‘weeks’, yet then are allowed to drag on for months, even years.

If all of this upsets a few people I’m afraid all I can say is – tough. The number of people who have contacted me supporting continuing this line of questioning until we finally get answers, set against those who would just see the issues dropped indicates that most people think natural justice is something worth being tenacious about.

As per the written question regarding the Senator’s comments suggesting that everything would be made clear come July, it is interesting that I had to remove reference in the question to the globally established practice of governments looking to ‘bury bad news’ by revealing information when it would largely go unnoticed. The point I was seeking to highlight here is that if ‘July’ was to mean after the next but one States sitting of the 19th then any opportunity for asking questions would be put on hold for two whole months.

Wouldn’t that be a shame? Mr. Power would be gone, and as we all know it has never been the intention to allow a full and proper disciplinary process to be undertaken: a process where both sides of the story could be heard and allegations defended.

As to the other questions I hope to be writing something on the taxation issue shortly, having raised questions on this and the related subject of 1.1. (K) s a number of times. The other questions which relate to St. Helier No. 1 District are self-explanatory. One relating to long-standing work in support of constituents, the other to explore the possibility of whether the Minister for ESC could manage to find any alternatives to a cutting of a frontline service, rather than the rather populist approach in a proposition of just telling the Minister he couldn’t do it: period.

Deputy Trevor Pitman

*A final point for Jaime. Sorry, Jaime, but in answer to your question I get my information from a number of sources which obviously vary considerably in line with the issues. If similar concerns/issues/also surface on other blogs sometimes, then great. The fact that some people are actively seeking transparency should surely be applauded whether one agrees with those people’s views or not

Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following oral question of the Minister for Home Affairs ­

“Will the Minister advise whether the alleged author of the Metropolitan (Met) Police Interim Report is himself under investigation by the Met regarding alleged anomalies in the report’s construction and whether the author neglected to interview crucial witnesses who could have refuted allegations made by the Former Deputy Chief Officer against the former Senior Investigating Officer and the suspended Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police?”

Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question oral of the Minister for Treasury and Resources ­

“Given that in the Fiscal Strategy Review public consultation document it is stated that a key consideration in implementing a 30% Income Tax rate for those earning above £100.000 is the possibility of such individuals choosing to leave the Island, will the Minister advise what firm evidence, if any, his department has to support such fears?”

Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following written question of the Minister for Home Affairs ­

“Under questioning about the lengthy suspension process of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police on the 22nd June 2010, the Minister asked for patience, advising Members that all would be revealed in July, will the Minister now give assurances that when referring to July he meant that information, including access to the so called 'Metropolitan Police Interim Report' and information as to whether the former Chief Minister and current States Chief Executive Officer received briefings on other States Members as a consequence of 'Operation Blast', will be provided to members before, or during the last States sitting prior to the summer recess; or will the Minister be seeking to delay the release of such information until the summer recess has begun, thus preventing the opportunity for Members to ask questions?”

Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following written question of the Minister for Economic Development­

“Will the Minister advise what action, if any, the Harbours Department has taken to address the long-standing anti-social behaviour problems suffered by residents at Albert Quay Apartments; specifically whether the promised speed bumps are yet in place; what, if any, impact the new speed cameras have had and, if no action has been taken when will these matters be progressed?”

Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following written question of the Minister for Education, Sport & Culture

“Is the Minister able to identify any alternative efficiency savings, other than cutting the three life guards at Havre des Pas swimming pool, which would have less front-line impact on services, and, if so, what might these be?”


  1. In trying to belittle the questions and avoid answering directly it would appear as if someone has something to hide.

    Keep on asking again and again and again. Yes it has to be done. Start as you mean to go on.

  2. Good call Trevor. The points you raise really hit the nail on the head. This process has been shocking and the attempted defence of it by Le Marquand nothing short of a disgrace. Bury bad news...I bet they have the shovels ready right now.

  3. The chances of Ozouf, Le Sueur and co allowing the rich to be fairly taxed is about one in a million. It would be a disaster for these type of politician because it is wealthy I'm alright Jack sorts that keep them in Power. Ozouf's vote was down more than 40% last time does anyone really think he could elected if he started hitting his own?

  4. “Will the Minister advise whether the alleged author of the Metropolitan (Met) Police Interim Report is himself under investigation by the Met regarding alleged anomalies in the report’s construction and whether the author neglected to interview crucial witnesses who could have refuted allegations made by the Former Deputy Chief Officer against the former Senior Investigating Officer and the suspended Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police?”

    Well now, if the question is to be interpreted as the question I suspect that I should be skating around the edges of, it may be that I could not answer such a question without thinking it was the other answer to the question that I thought I may eventually answer!

    Would anybody like another photograph of a coconut???

    Yours faithfully

    Ian Le Marquand

  5. Excellent questions Trev.

  6. We now have individual States members wanting to run to our Police Force by the looks of things when there is supposed to be a gap between politics and the law.

    And it is not a bright question because the answer will be 'this would be a confidential matter so cannot say either way'.

    There is something dreadfully wrong in Jersey politics at the moment and the constant meddling in police matters is now getting more questionable than ever.

  7. Trevor,

    The appointment for the acting Chief of Police is due to be debated on 19th July. It will probably get delayed, but if his appointment is regected by the majority of States members, do you think The Home Affairs Minister will resign like he said he would?

  8. Sick of Cover UpsJuly 3, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    "Not a bright question" Jeez, Anonymous, this is a stunning question and one that really just has to be answered. If justice is only looking at the bits that cast a person in a certain light - the required light, you might say - then that isn't justice at all. Asking such questions is hardly wanting to "run our police force" either Anonymous it is people me and you pay doing what they should be doing. Well done Trevor. Keep it up.

  9. Hello Trev

    Good to see you back after what seems weeks. Good question to Senator ILM. Hope you get a straight answer. Meanwhile, now that all the post election crap seems to be dying down, can I ask why don't you and old Ted consider re-modelling the Alliance? Defeats can be used to learn from and usually when people do so the result makes things a whole lot better. You two could be a politcal dream ticket. Or a nightmare depending on whether you are one of the establishment party... Something to think on.

  10. This area of questioning is only important to a hand full of bloggers, it is not a question that is relevant to the people who voted for the JDA in district number 1.

    We all know the answer to a question like this one anyhow so what is the point?

  11. Anonymous #8:

    How come you are so sure that the bloggers are not representative of a wider public unease, and how do you work out that it is irrelevant to JDA voters in St Helier 1, who are as likely to have been affected by the issues as anyone?
    Besides, A States Member has a duty to serve the general public, not just those they think might have voted for them last time.

  12. Do we know the answer anonymous? I live in No. 1 district St. Helier and I find it very relevant because it says a lot about how my island is run and how my taxes are spent. The point is to clarify whether or not both are being carried through correctly.

  13. Bemused

    Just wait and see what the answer is going to be because there are no prizes for guessing it will not be answered. I also agree that the repetitive nose poking into Police affairs by the politicians is raising newer questions as to whether there is now a gap between the two.

    Jersey Police issues have now become almost an absolute obsession with some of our backbenchers.

  14. Not Jersey police issues - possible corruption and cover-up issues. And just how long are we all meant to wait?

  15. Trevor,

    Are you happy with David Warcup becoming Jerseys new Chief of Police?

  16. "Not Jersey police issues - possible corruption and cover-up issues. And just how long are we all meant to wait?"

    More silly gossip by people with imaginations that fly.

  17. Are the Syvret nutters now moving to other blogs? I am sure half this paranoid cover up material is coming from a padded cell somewhere.

    How can you attack Geoff Southern like you did and then say that Trevor is okay because he asks questions on Graham Power?

    All very sad and bullying.

  18. Well I live in Number One and have been unemployed for 8 months from the Health Services now and if this is the attitude of Trevor Pitman towards questions relating to people asking what his actually agenda is in the States then he can swivel if he ever thinks he will get a vote from us again. 18 Months he has been in Government and nobody I know in Number One has even seen him around since scraping in. This is another problem with voting for people who do not even live in the parish. It is obscene that we have to come onto the Internet to find out what the hell is going on anyhow.

  19. Chris

    I live in number one and see Deputy Pitman fairly regularly living at La Collette flats. Last time was ten days ago when he came down to meet me about a problem with anti-social behaviour.

    Reading your post I also cant help wondering why you haven't just given the Deputy a call as would happen in any district? That you appear not to have by your odd comment about having to come on the net to find things out suggests to me that you probably aren't even a genuine person living in the district, but probably someone just out to cause a bit of trouble.

  20. B.

    You got it in one.

  21. Moderator, could you please sort something for me? A poster on here goes on about Trevor Pitman's attitude in answering posts. I can't see anything rude in any of Trevor's responses or at least replies in his name, but can you tell me if he moderates this blog as well? Sorry to be a pain.

  22. A message to 'Chris'. I saw 'Big Trev' down in St. Helier number 1 just the other day at the top pf Green Street near the old Seaforth pub. He was with Deputy Judy martin talking to an elderly lady at her door. I know it was him because even driving the van you couldn't miss the shades and the shaven bonce a mile away! Stop stirring pal and get yourself a life!

  23. B

    This attitude problem by the JDA seems to be being passed onto you as one of his supporters now.

    Next time he stands I hope he does this in his own Parish because like I said, I have never seen him around and I do live in Number 1.

  24. Deputy Trevor PitmanJuly 5, 2010 at 2:11 PM

    Hi Chris

    Firstly, sorry to hear about you being unemployed for the past eight months. If you would like to get in touch by phone or via my States e-mail I will be happy to try and assist in anyway that I can.

    I am a bit surprised that you haven't been in touch with either me or one of my No. 1 district colleagues as all of our details are in the phone book and on the States website. I am one of only two or three States Members who also give out my mobile number, so am happy for you to call me on that (07797 824243) if it is more convenient.

    If I don't answer at any time it will only be because I am in a meeting but I will always do my utmost to call you back the same day if you leave a message. My office number has an answer phone should I not be there.

    Hardly a day goes by without someone conacting Judy or me - who I regularly work quite closely with - in this way, and, contrary to what you say I am in the district just about every day visiting people who contact me with issues.

    This evening I was at Berkshire Court til about 8.4opm distributing leaflets for a residents meeting this coming Wednesday. Earlier in the day I was at Liberation Court. Yesterday (Sunday) I was at La Collette - an area I have had call to visit quite a lot recently. Tomorrow, once the States sitting is over, I am due to be down at Marett Court. Every day is different.



  25. Anonymous:
    Trevor has authority to moderate this blog, but in practice they all leave it all to me.

  26. Oh dear everyone as got an attitude accept you Chris, apparently. But excusing my own obvious attitude then can I run this one by you for size?

    If you are a genuine person living in St. Helier Number 1, if you are even called a brave man and post your full name and address on the site. Or, failing that, because I am sure you will come up with a dozen excuses why you couldn't possibly do so, post your details to the admin under the strict proviso that they must not be published.

    Or even e-mail Deputy Pitman direct with the same proviso. Then he can come on here and tell us doubters yes, Chris is a genuine person with a genuine issue. Not just a troll as I for one think far more likely. Look forward not to hearing from you...

  27. This Chris sounds a bit like one of those grumpy gritters you see in films like Shrek. Just can't think what you call 'em?

  28. If it is the person I think it is this Chris is authentic and did work for the health service before losing his job. You are going to have to stop posters coming on here and attacking others with these childish troll allegations all the time if you want this blog to be taken seriously.

  29. You don't mean that Chris is a troll do you Jason? Or are you saying he is an ogre?

  30. Why not just cut the crap - Deputy Trevor Pitman is as hard a working States member as you can get. I just hope he doesn't leave our district to go for Senator as I reckon he would have a damn good chance.

  31. If Chris is genuine then I am sure he will be getting in touch with either the mod or Deputy Pitman to flag this up. If he isn't then he won't.

    What I think we do need here is to keep an eye on the handful of obsessed right wing nutters (the handful who spoil the facre site)who with Stuart gone now seem to be drifting over here to try and cause trouble.

    If Chris doesn't get in touch or makes some excuse then I guess you have to consider he may well even be one of these very same people.

  32. Thats a good one, an anonymous poster calling a named person a fake.

    I think this anonymous poster should put his money where his mouth is first and declare who he is before questioning anybody else's identity don't you!

  33. Funny how we don't seem to have heard much from 'Chris' since. Could that be because 'his' name is Jon?

  34. Tom:
    Jon has promised to post here only under his own name. It would be naive to the point of delusion to think that there is only one man in Jersey with those views, anyway.

  35. Jon lol.

    I will e-mail him to get a response if he is around.

  36. Hi Dave, look I am not that interested in this topic as it is not something I feel very strongly about anymore and have discussed it more so off the NET than on it.

    And this child who thinks he is stalking me around on the NET all the time needs to grow up.

    Keep up the good work.


  37. Having been out of action for some days and 'catching up' I feel I must defend Trevor inasmuch as he dealt very, very swiftly with a problem my daughter had with her daughter, and she is not even in No 1 district. If 'you' contact Trevor with an issue I am 100% certain he will do his utmost to respond by return, which is something that cannot be attributed to a lot of our States members.

  38. Jon (Another real one)July 7, 2010 at 3:40 PM

    'Chris' why are you not demonstrating to all the numpties that you are a real person? Sorry, but with no response I can only conclude that B was right. You are just a saddo out to cause some mischief.

  39. Off thread but remember a couple of weeks ago when one of the HDLG Farce sites 'politicians' was spinning a story about how Senator Alan Breckon had apparently resigned from the H&SS Scrutiny because Geoff Southern wouldn't resign from his panel?

    Now of course we see Alan Breckon actually nominating Geoff Southern for the Chairmanship! An apology you might think would be forthcoming from Gazza, at least holding up hands to say sorry we got this one wrong. Or OKay so the story was just another bit of malicious spin from a bunch of nutters.

    But no. Nothing. Nothing at all. From Gazza and co just a roaring silence. But probably need to devote all of their time to making up some mumbo jumbo to try and spin the dropping of all action againt Graham Power! Ian Le Maarquand should resign. Now.

  40. Dave get rid of the troller on here. Keep this blog clean.

  41. So who's trolling? We value the dialogue with people who don't agree with us [yet] as well as enjoying the messages of support from those who do. One or more of the anonymous correspondents is so sure all is well with our policing that he thinks it is not worth asking about, and Chris thinks his Deputies should patrol their District touting for even more casework, and both got answered. That kind of interaction is the point and purpose of the comment facility. Maybe the next Council will run a suck-ups only policy, once I have gone.

  42. I have tried phoning you Trevor but its always answer phone.


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