Sunday, April 18, 2010


“Funny how ‘investigative’ journalists and ‘political’ correspondents sometimes seem to be anything other than what most of us would see as remotely ‘investigative’ at all. Indeed, I was tempted to say the same with regard to being ‘political’.

But like so many members of the public who contact me from all over the island, becoming increasingly cynical, I too have to come to wonder that such apparently staggering diversions from what surely must be outlined in some professional’s job description is in fact all too ‘political’ in origin after all; perhaps entirely so.

Of course, another possibility that I suppose one has to consider is that such journalistic anomalies arise from nothing more than a spectacular shortage of good old ‘testicular fortitude’ faced with the dilemma of digging out and reporting something that might not sit at all well with many in positions of great power.

Whatever the reason next Tuesday could be very… interesting…”

Deputy Trevor Pitman

Oral Question to the Minister for Home Affairs ­

“Following analysis of the sworn affidavit of the suspended Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police will the Minister advise the Assembly whether he has fully investigated every possible allegation of a conspiracy existing to remove the Chief Officer from office, further still, is the Minister wholly satisfied that no such conspiracy to remove the Chief Officer or to try to discredit him to justify his removal existed?"

Oral Question to the Minister for Economic Development 

“Having worked in support of residents at Albert Quay for over ten months, and residents having been promised that a solution was imminent before last Christmas, would the Minister advise the Assembly when he will finally be in a position to put an end to this anti-social behaviour by installing the agreed security barrier to control late night access to the areas directly under residents’ apartment balconies and bedrooms?”


  1. Are the police really so hopeless that they can't stop the antisocial breaches of the peace? Why the sledgehammer to crack a nut?

  2. I wouldn't hold your breath with regards getting help for the residents of Albert Quay since it probably involves the Housing Dept and residents safety and quality of life are not important to them. We were contacted last August/September by the Housing department to say they were going to put speed calming measures in our area and that it would be done by December, to date it has still not been done due to lack of funds!

  3. Deputy Trevor PitmanApril 18, 2010 at 10:45 AM


    I'm afraid the answer to your questions seems to be 'yes'. Which is a farce I know. Prior to my becoming involved this has apparently gone on for more than three years with no-one taking the residents situation seriously, either politically or in terms of police enforcement. It also makes a mockery of employing Harbour 'security'. The barrier - which would not be up (well, down actually!)and in force during daylight at all - seems the only answer that is workable. I am not saying that this is right, but leaving people who are paying out good, heard-earned money for their properties, whether to buy or rent, in the lurch like this is just not on.


    Sorry to hear about your own ssituation. Maybe you and other residents are getting support already with this, but if not, please give me a call/e-mail. Are you in St. Helier or elsewhere? Doesn't really matter, just curious, and will be willing to try and help wherever it is.

  4. Come on, give us a clue as to what this question to ILM is all about!

  5. Deputy Trevor PitmanApril 18, 2010 at 2:09 PM


    Sorry, that's just what a journalist said to me on Friday after I had remarked how strange I found it that I was being quized on a couple of my other questions (written ones) yet not this subject. They should have dug this out for themselves...

  6. Does anyone using this site know why the horrible little troll who regularly posts in a hundred fake names - e.g. Matt (yes, I know there is a real one too), Gary, Tom, Sara, ADJ, Mike, (false 'Rico' and even people's complete names - is allowed to get away with it?

    You could not do this with a newspaper - at least not once you were caught out, remember the fake letters attacking Shona Pitman and Lenny Harper happily printed by the JEP under the false name of B. Riantz a year or two back until the addresses and name was proven to be false? - so why is it allowed on the internet?


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