Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Geoff Challenges Water Redundancies

Deputy Geoff Southern has sent this self-explanatory open letter to Senator Alan Maclean, the Economic Development Minister:-

To: Economic Development Minister

18th November 2009

I was invited yesterday to put in writing my complaint as a consumer of the services of the JNWW Co Ltd about the actions of this States owned monopoly utility. You suggest that the receipt of a complaint is a necessary requisite for you to request under Article 6 (4) of the Competition Regulatory Authority (Jersey) Law 2001 a report from the JCRA.

My complaint rests on the following issues, which I believe fall within the remit of the JCRA in its role as regulator of utilities and a requirement to report to the States through you as the minister responsible:

1.Is a profit of over £4 million on a turnover of only £14.3 million an appropriate return from its monopoly position or could it be excessive?

2.Is the decision to outsource or privatize this mains engineering activity, with the loss of 20 jobs, solely to further increase profits and dividends in the best interests of the island and the economy overall?

3.What skill levels exist among the JAYEN employees by comparison with the current highly skilled and experienced workforce? Is there a risk to standards of service provision?

4.Is the States conflicted? Many would consider that is acting against its own best interests and against its policies in allowing these redundancies, which will further depress the economy at a time when the Economic Stimulus policy attempts to maintain and stimulate the economy through the recession.

5.Is the States fundamentally conflicted as majority and controlling shareholder in balancing its interest in pursuing higher dividend (currently £1.6 million) against its interest in reducing prices to residents?

I look forward to your prompt response.

Deputy Geoff Southern
La Rochelle
St Helier


  1. The 1st AGM of the Jersey Human Rights Group is on Monday 23rd November.
    Any persons interested in promoting Human Rights in Jersey should give support to this Group and meet in the Royal Square at 5.30pm near King George's statue.
    Deputy Bob Hill wil then enter everybody into the States Building where the AGM takes place.
    Don't just sit there - do something!

  2. so what is the JDA view of the Report on Senator Stuart Syvret?

  3. Nobody within the party has ever suggested that we get dragged into the Syvret affair, and I doubt that there would be much appetite for spending time, that could be spent on interesting and important stuff, in preparing an official view of the Chapman report. Most of the Council are personally fed up with Syvret's chronic refusal to apply his considerable talents in any effective teamwork, but that is not the stuff we want to be concerning ourselves with as a party.
    So, unless my colleagues outvote me, the JDA view is going to be "No Comment"


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